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Kick off your online presence with fast, reliable hosting, managed from an easy-to-use control panel.
Get reliable, speedy and secure website hosting and build a remarkable website using WordPress or other software available through the Softaculous installer. Set up emails and get your online business going!

Get your hosting space

Make reliable, fast hosting your friend and build a WordPress website or other website through the easy-to-use Softaculous installer. Take control of your emails too.

Your website might have the potential to draw more traffic than a California freeway, but if you’re using an unreliable host, you’ll sit with a broken web presence, leaving you in a ditch, losing out on potential leads and sales.

Bay Marketing Co offers fast SSD hosting with incredible uptime, ensuring your site runs optimally, ALL the time.

Use our hosting to set up a WordPress website, or any other web application available through the convenient Softaculous software installer.

Comes with MySQL database capabilities.

Need email?

With DirectAdmin it’s easy to create emails. Set them up in your favorite email client or access directly in the browser via Webmail.


Your hosting space comes with the following perks.

SSD hosting

SSD servers ensure whatever you host moves fast. WordPress, for instance, is notoriously slow when hosted on a standard server. SSD solves the problem.

Easy-to-use control Panel

DirectAdmin control panel makes it easy to set up software like a WordPress website, Easy!Appointments software or anything else that requires a database. Or use the Softaculous installer to install your favorite software!


Easily set up emails with Webmail access.

PHP control

You have control over the PHP version you want to use, as well as numerous PHP settings.

MySQL databases

Set up MySQL databases for your website needs. If you want to install WordPress directly, and not through Softaculous, you require a MySQL database. You also get phpMyAdmin access to manage your database easily.

CRON control

Set up CRON jobs for time-specific tasks.

DNS management

Manage DNS from your control panel.

Spam Assassin

Give email spammers the boot with Spam Assassin.


Our hosting is perfect for any niche, except porn. Whether you want to set up a one-man ecommerce store, or you want to simply blog, our hosting can meet your needs.


We offer 12 hosting packages, from 1 GB up to 50 GB. They all have the same functionality. The only difference is size and price.


Our hosting runs on Linux, which means it's perfect for PHP and MySQL applications like WordPress.


You're welcome to set up any ecommerce store on your hosting package, as long as it runs on PHP and is outside the porn niche. WooCommerce works perfectly on our hosting packages.


If you're an ardent WordPress enthusiast, WooCommerce is your choice. Works great on our hosting.

Other ecommerce software

Softaculous grants you the ability to install the following ecommerce solutions with a few clicks: AbanteCart, osCommerce, Zen Cart, LiteCart, PrestaShop, CubeCart. There are more, by the way.


You control your hosting. That means you can set up websites and email addresses. It's easy to do with the DirectAdmin control panel. Website design and development, as well as website hosting management services, available as an extra.

How it works

It's simple to set up your hosting account with Bay Marketing Co. Simply choose one of the options at the top of the page to enable your PayPal subscription. Once your subscription is active, we;'ll be in touch to set up your hosting and grant you access to your DirectAdmin control panel.

Place your order

Order a package through PayPal.

Receive your login details

We'll get in touch for your details.

Your hosting space is set up

We'll create a hosting instance on our server. This takes a few minutes, so you'll be up and running in no time.

Access your hosting

We send you login details for your DirectAdmin control panel.

Start building

You start setting up your amazing website, and manage your email accounts.