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Website development

Get a great-looking, custom website and generate more traffic with SEO and content marketing.
Get more people contacting you for your product or service by opting for a mobile-friendly, search engine optimized website filled with relevant content that's marketable through paid advertising too!

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If your website is user-friendly and Google loves it, and you keep posting great content, it’ll be an incredible source of traffic. (And here’s a secret: that traffic is far cheaper than paid ads.)

Get a website that’s professionally designed to please the eye and makes fingers click, as well as give you a great start in the SEO race.


Your website comes with the following amazing features to make it pop, and to get you more business.


No matter how great your site looks on a desktop screen, if it doesn't scale to mobile, you're losing plenty of interest. Firstly, Google shows preference to mobile-friendly websites. Secondly, users want to avoid pinching and zooming. They want your website to serve their content quickly and easily.


Your website MUST be fast, or visitors will go elsewhere. Google also gives preference to faster sites, which means you have no choice but to have a site that's as fast as you can get. We use WordPress for website development, and to be honest, if the hosting isn't up to scratch, it makes for a slow site. But since we use only SSD hosting, you can rest assured that your website will load fast. A deadbeat site just won't cut it for you.


Many websites simply don't convert visitors into customers because their calls to action are useless. Your website MUST be built around your call to action. What action do you want people to take? That action, whether it's a cart checkout, mail signup, or clicking a simple contact button, determines the purpose of your website. Your website will be aimed at converting visitors into customers.


I'll be honest here… most website owners worry too much about their website's look. We've seen some terrible-looking websites convert visitors better than Billy Graham. However, why settle for a repulsive website when we can make it look like a catwalk model? No point in settling for a troll when you can have a bae.


Man, some people just don't get copy! They think copy is all about themselves, their company and their achievements. That's just dead wrong! We build your site with copy geared towards answering that age-old question: What's In It For Me? That's the only reason people visit your site. They want to know what you've got for them, what it's going to cost, and when they can have it. Corporate drivel just doesn't work well for selling products and services, so we'll leave that to your competition.

What you get

So, what do you get for your hard-earned cash? Let's see if we can make this deal irresistible. Remember, each page is optimized for search and contains everything you need to entice the user into taking action.

Home page

A well-structured homepage is the doorway to the rest of your site. Remember, your site must be designed around your call to action, so when visitors land on your home page, you want them to follow a natural path to whatever it is you're selling.

About page

Your about page is a great place to expound on why you're the best person in your niche to do business with. Again, your website should be designed around your CTA, so even the About page can be used for selling. Companies that use their About pages correctly pick the fruit of their wise decision.

Contact page

The best way to get people to contact you, is to set up a landing page for every product or service you offer. Once you set up a landing page for a product or service, you can craft a call to action for each page specifically. This is a GREAT way to get people to get hold of you. However, it's still a great idea to have a standard contact page too. It gives you one more opportunity to use keywords related to your niche.

Location page

A super useful page to have if you have a location you'd like people to visit. We add a nice call to action on this page too, along with a clickable link that leads people to Google Maps with your location. We also embed a basic Google Map in your location page to make it easy for customers to find you.

Services or product doorway page

There's no better way to showcase your offerings than through a doorway page. The doorway page is a collection of your products or services. From here it leads to individual landing pages with calls to action designed for each specific landing page.

Product or service landing page

Each product or service you offer, if set up correctly on a website, is a potential lead magnet. That's why we take pains to create landing pages with clear calls to action, as well as enough information to make visitors want to act. But we don't do generic calls to action. Each product or service has a unique call to action, welded to that product or service. It's much more alluring for a prospect to make contact if the call to action addresses their need directly.

Individual landing pages

We set up a unique landing page for as many products or services you want to sell. Each landing page contains a highly targeted call to action to address the needs of your market as directly as possible. You aim to climb the emotional ladder as high as possible and really get into what's troubling your visitors. That way, you convert more site visitors into possible customers. How many landing pages? That's entirely up to you. Your no-obligation quote will specify the cost for the whole. We won't jump you with costly surprises once the job is done.

List building

It's a terrible waste of resource to not use your website for list building. The best time to capture more people for your list is when they visit your site. That's why we include a signup check box in each form on the site. We also place sign up forms in strategic places on all pages of your site. Sometimes right in the sidebar. Or perhaps on a service page when they contact you for your offering. You must use the opportunity to get them on your list!

Automatic newsletter

This is a spectacular way to drive traffic to your website consistently. We make use of a phenomenal newsletter service provider that we plug into your site. Whenever you post something to your website, it's sent out to subscribers automatically. A great way to put your website's marketing on autopilot.


If you don't have analytics installed on your site, you won't know the first thing about what happens on it. This means you're sitting with an overpriced business card. We install analytics that reveals information like which pages are visited, where site visitors are from and which links they click on your site. We can take it a step further, should you wish, with A/B split testing, to ensure your website is optimized to the nth degree.

Marketing available

If you're champing at the bit to get more people to your website more often, so you can wow them with your offer, we offer dedicated paid advertising campaigns that's sure to spark interest in your company. For a monthly fee, we can set up social media and Google Ads paid campaigns. Let's discuss it in your free discover call!

The process

It's important to get a stunning website to market ASAP, but not at the cost of protocol. Here's how the process works.

First consultation

Book a free 30-minute call, so we can listen to what your needs are. This is an important step. We must know exactly what you're after before we can do the job. Perhaps we might not even be the right company to build your website for you, and we'll tell you if we're not. But we must do a call.


Once we've determined we are the right company to develop your website for you, we'll put together a detailed quote. This quote contains everything, so you needn't worry about costly surprises once the job is done.

Sign agreement

If you accept the quote, we'll send you a link to an agreement that we need you to sign before we can commence the work.


Once the agreement is signed, a deposit is due. This amount will be stated on the quote.

UI/UX design

This is the first step. We build a mockup of the site for you, and once it's done, send it your way.


You give us feedback on the mockup. Anything that needs to be changed, we change.


Once you're happy with the mockup, website development commences. This is done on a development server, which you'll be provided access to.


Once the development site is set up, you'll be sent a link for feedback. We'll make changes as per your requests.

Internal testing

Once you're happy with the development site, we run internal tests to ensure everything works as it should. There's no point in having a great-looking site, but links are broken and forms don't work.


You'll once more access the site to give us feedback.

Balance due

You pay the outstanding amount on the invoice, which means it's close to launch time!


You're happy; we're happy. It's time to show the world your gorgeous new website. Your site is launched, ready for you to share, and ready to put into marketing overdrive.