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App development

Connect with users easily, whenever you want.
Imagine having the ability to place your message in front of people who love hearing from you, any time you want, with far fewer distractions than social media. That's what an app offers you. Get your app, get it into the Android and Apple stores, gain access to a vast user base, and hold them in the palm of your hand.

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If you have an idea for a mobile app, look no further.

We offer professional app development for both Android and Apple, allowing you to enjoy a large market base.

We’ve built apps for several industries, including education, construction, lifestyle, and religion.

Book a free discovery call through the appointment calendar and let’s discuss your needs.


Your app might require any of the following features, all of which we'll be able to add as you need.


Whether your app requires simple or complex algorithms, we're able to produce.


Perhaps your app requires a geolocation capability for users. No problem.

Lodged card payments

Easily accept in-app payments with our card payment solutions.

Media upload capabilities

Maybe you want users to upload pictures of themselves. Or perhaps you want an ecommerce shop where you can upload product images. It can be arranged.

Push notifications

A must if you intend to communicate with app users constantly. A powerful way to get your message into their hands.

Video streaming

Your app can allow users to stream videos.

Database and information management

Maybe your users need to manage a database, like in the case of the building project management app we launched. Not a problem.

Chat and communication

Perhaps you want to allow users to chat with you or other users, almost like a social network. Absolutely possible.

In-app purchasing

Upsell your users with powerful in-app purchases!


We're able to build apps for the following industries.


Perhaps you need to manage your farm more smoothly. Or perhaps you run an agri-shop with products you'd like to sell to customers from a custom agri-app.


If you run a bookkeeping business, you can communicate with clients easily using your app. Or you could offer in-app calculators to make their lives easier.


An app offers doctors a fantastic way to communicate with customers. Send out notifications to remind them of appointments.


If you run a non-profit organization, an app can help you get your message out, and funding in.


Send out security alerts, help clients keep an eye on what's important to them and sell security subscriptions.


Keep tight control of your BOM. Make sure all levels of management are on the same page. Get your construction projects done quicker and smarter.


Send alerts to students and parents. Assign demerit points. Control fees.


Set up an app shop and sell directly to users.

Health & fitness

Run your gym and take subscription payments. Send out appointment reminders.


Help users make up their minds as to which designs they should choose for their home, then sell them the products they want.


Make it easy for church admin to keep in touch with members. Send out important notifications.


Speak to users in a far more direct way than social media or email allows you to do.

Project management

Make sure all project players are on the same page with projects in the palm of their hands.

Types of apps

You may have heard or read that there are numerous types of apps. We offer two types of app development: mobile apps and web apps. There are benefits to both types. A web app can be used cross-platform, irrespective of the device it's used on, while a mobile app is available exclusively through the Apple or Android app store, and works only on those platforms.

Mobile apps

Dedicated apps that must be downloaded from the Android or Apple app stores.

Wep apps

Apps that run outside the Android and Apple app stores. Accessible through a browser.


Although there are a vast number of mobile platforms, by far the most popular platform is Android, followed by Apple. These are the two platforms we focus on. If your app runs on Android and Apple, you're targeting more than 90% of mobile users.


Your app will be available through the Android app store, if you so wish. This is by far the world's largest app environment, which means you'll be able to target a large user base.

Apple devices

Second by a long mile, yet still popular. Your app will be available in the Apple App Store too.


We understand that you're champing at the bit to get your app into the market, but it's important to follow discovery protocol to ensure we give you exactly what you envision. That said, it's impossible to tell you exactly how long it will take before your app is launched. We work hard at getting your app projects out the door, but we make sure it's up to your standards, and up to the standards of the platforms your app will be available through. Your app's lead-time also depends on the amount of functionality you require.
We work hard to get your app into the market ASAP.
App development time largely dependent on the scope of the project.


One of the best ways to ensure you make the customer journey as smooth as possible is by offering payment checkout through your app. This is possible, and we'll gladly quote you on an ecommerce enabled app.

Easy ordering through your app

Your app will make it easy for users to order your product or service from the palm of their hand.

Payment gateways

South African payment gateways available.

No surprises

There are no surprises when we quote you on an app. Payment gateways come with additional monthly costs. These will be detailed in the quote.

Design spec

Rest assured, your app will not look like a pug and a python made a baby. From years of graphic design experience, combined with close working with a UI/UX expert, we ensure that every pixel of your app looks delicious.

Our experience

Years of graphic design experience gives us the edge in app design, ensuring your app will look fantastic.

UI/UX expertise

We work closely with a UI/UX expert to ensure your app is user-friendly.


We adhere to the highest levels of app design protocols, as provided by the Android and Apple app stores. This gives you peace of mind that your app won't crash or have faults that'll make users uninstall out of frustration. Rest assured, your app will pass any and every form of scrutiny.


Your app will meet the qualifications needed for it to be accepted by Google's Android Store.


Your app will meet the qualifications needed for it to be added to Apple's App Store.


Any app that requires a large database needs hosting. If you require a large application, you'll be quoted a hosting fee after discovery.


The management of your app is a collaboration between you and us. You'll enjoy the ability to maintain certain aspects of your app. Say for instance you have an app selling shoes. You'll be able to add shoes, prices, descriptions, et al. You'll also be able to make minor changes, like contact details, via an admin panel created with the app. But there are certain aspects of the app we'll need to manage, to ensure the app doesn't crash and keeps delivering a smooth experience to your users. All of this is discussed and detailed in the quote.

Your responsibilitiy

You're in charge of certain aspects of the app's workings.

Our responsibility

To ensure your app keeps running smoothly, certain management elements remain with us.

How it works

To get your app to market takes a few steps, starting with a free consultation.

Free consultation

We must determine your needs before we can quote you on an app. This is a crucial first step. It's a free 30-minute consultation, so click the calendar button to book now.


You receive a quote outlining everything you specified, including a full price. No surprises once the job is done. If you're happy with the quote, you sign off.

Deposit due

Once you've accepted the quote, you pay the deposit so we can start working on your app.

UI/UX design

Once the deposit is paid, we kick off the project with a UI/UX design phase. This is basically a wireframe of your app.


Once the UI/UX is done, we send it to you for feedback. If you're happy, we move on to the next phase.


Now we take your app's wireframe and flesh it out with functionality.


We let you get a taste of the app with its newfound life.

Internal testing

We put the app through its paces to ensure all bugs are squashed and it works perfectly.


You once more access the app to test and give us feedback.


The big day arrives for your app to enter the world, all grown up and ready to work.

Balance due

You pay the balance on your invoice.

Development cost

Your app will cost as much as is needed to give you exactly what you need. This means the cost is determined by your budget. Rest assured that your app is built to the highest level of integrity, using the best technologies in the app development niche.

Budget constraints

Your budget determines the scope of the project. Apps are generally more expensive to develop than websites. That means you need to be sure about your app's vision before you tackle the project.

Quote upfront; no surprises

You receive a quote up front, which means you won't get any nasty surprises once the app is launched.

Support available

If you're unable to maintain your app, a basic support package is available for a minimal cost.