Customer service improvement

Turn customers into willing evangelists who sing your praises!
You may think your customer service is top-notch, but do you really know? With our customer improvement programme, you'll gain valuable insight into what your clients really think of you, allowing you to adjust in a world where your competitors can't wait to chomp into your slice of pie.

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Bay Marketing Co is proud to partner with top business developers, Skopus Consultants, to offer you this superb customer service improvement programme.

Skopus Consultants

Skopus Consultants provides services that's turned several SMMEs from ruin to riches. With a tight focus on business systems and customer care, they've got what it takes to turn your business around. They've been in business since 2008, with a track record to prove their worth.

Make sure your service is top-notch

Get in touch so we can help you determine whether your customer service is really up to scratch, or whether you're hoping it is.

More than 90 percent of customers will not tell you that they think your service is worse than being flogged with a chainsaw.

Some will remain quiet as a mouse, but never return. Not much damage done there.

But there are those who don’t return, yet make it their goal to bellow to the world that you’re the worst thing to happen to mankind.

Their weapon of choice?

Scathing reviews and acidic reports.

Their platform of choice?

Online. More specifically, Facebook. Or Hello Peter.

It doesn’t take complex math to realise that garnering enough negative attention will leave your business drier than the Kalahari.

But you can ensure that your customers become fans.

Not only will they be loyal fans, you’ll turn your customers into willing evangelists of your brand, singing your praises on social media.

However, before you can improve, you must know where and how to improve.

Through our customer improvement programme, we’ve helped countless businesses face the reality of where their customer service really stands.

To some, it came as a shock that their business was barely clinging to the bottom rung of a ladder hanging off a cliff.

But because they took the first step of contacting us, instead of feeling their way through a dark maze, we could help them not only escape certain death, but soar to heights their competitors could only dream of.

What will you do?

Will you wonder whether you’re good enough?

Perhaps your business is staring into the gaping mouth of a starving crocodile, yet you think you’re doing fine.

There’s none so blind as those who won’t see, goes the adage.

Contact us now, so we can help you determine what customers really think of you. It’s the first step to ensuring you’re not driving blind, thinking it’s only load shedding.