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Want a website that’s geared towards getting you more phone calls, more emails and more WhatsApp messages from people looking for your product or service?

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It's officially recession. You gonna lie down and wait for things to get better? No! Kick your marketing into a higher gear and GET MORE LEADS

These are trying times. You can lie down and let all the troubles trample you like a political party hell-bent on chaos or you could smack the recession in the face.

If you’re of the latter persuasion we can help your business…

  • get seen by more people
  • get more enquiries online
  • look super professional
  • automate crucial marketing tasks

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Start with a single page

Start with a single page design and build from there.

Add some gorgeous elements like your logo (supplied by you, or get us to build you one), a contact form, a writeup of you and your product, a gallery and an embedded Google Map.

We can even gooi in your Facebook page feed.

Add more if you want

Want more pages? (It’s good for SEO!)

Add an About page to build trust.

Contact page? Ja wat, why not?

Add other pages too. Pay us to do it or DIY.

Search engine optimised

Your website is search engine optimised to make Google rubberneck when he pops round for a visit.

SEO is an important factor for ranking in search engines. If you rank better, you’ll draw in more traffic.

Mobile friendly

Your site receives a gorgeous mobile friendly design so she fits nicely onto anything, desktop, tablet or a cell phone.

Fast SSD hosting

Your website is hosted on a fast SSD server so it won’t drive visitors (and Google) nuts waiting for your pages to load.

If they close your site they’ll probably not come back.

Eish, swaar, maar waar.

Images hosted off site

Images uploaded to your website are hosted off-site to save you space.

This allows you to fatten up your website with more content.

Google likes Big Mammas.

Auto social media marketing

Choose the auto social media posting option and every time you add a new article (blog post or news update) it’s shared to your Facebook page automatically.

This pulls people off social media and onto your website.

Now you can sell to them all day long.

Auto email marketing

Your new site is a grootbek. She loves to talk to fans.

Choose the automatic email newsletter marketing option and we’ll set you up an email marketing system that sends out a beautiful newsletter every time you add news to your site.

Google Analytics report

Your site comes with Google Analytics installed. And you’re always welcome to gooi an oog on what’s happening by checking it. It’s your site, after all.

But opt for the weekly report and you’ll receive a beautiful email report displaying metrics like which keywords brought visitors to your site, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

Managed & backed up

Your site is added to our management dashboard where it’s constantly monitored and pampered like a rich aunt’s favourite nephew.

We also set up your site to always have two backups at any given time, ensuring that we can get you on track quick sticks, should the pawpaw hit the fan.

Custom functionality available

Say you’re a property agent wanting to list properties.

We can set up your WordPress website to work like a property listing website.

It’s easy to use and makes you look great.

Ecommerce available

Plug in an ecommerce shop and start selling from your website.

Start off with a quote cart to save money and to see if people are interested.

Later on you can add a payment gateway.

  • Set up as many email addresses as you want, your package size being the only limit.

Jy sal nie spyt wees nie!

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