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Your creations, when used together with God’s creation, bring joy to countless men and women across the globe.

Before a hard day’s labor, or after a dog day on the job, nothing beats putting one of your sticks under your arm, heading down to the beach, jogging across the sand and flinging yourself into the ocean.

But how can you attract more people to this glorious sport of surfing?

How can you ensure you’ll sell more boards for years to come?

Are you missing out on clients?

Social media is all the rage. It’s been so for years.

But it seems we got sucked in over the falls with social media.

The excitement around social media seems to have dulled our senses to crucial questions.

Questions like, is social media the only marketing platform that matters?

Is social media showing a good return on investment?

Is it a good idea to neglect older, yet proven, marketing channels at the expense of something that looks good because it’s noisy?

Focusing on social media only is not a good strategy. Social media, after all, is simply a channel for your marketing message.

There are other channels to market through, and fortunately, it seems many people are waking up to the fact that social media like Facebook is not nearly as powerful for marketing as they first thought.

Perhaps it’s time you had a look at one of the older ways to market that, if used correctly, could turn into a powerhouse of attention that’s worth something.

Perhaps it’s time you take a look at getting a practical website you can actually use for marketing purposes.

What can you do with a website?

The first thing is to add your contact details and your location, so people can find you.

Another important factor is pictures. A shaper not displaying his shaping skills is about as wise as trying to surf a metal framed bed.

But with a great website, you can take it one step further.

You can add articles to your website and start generating more traffic.

Hang on. Before you think, “Ugh, articles! You want me to write?”

An article could simply be an update about a new board you’re shaping.

An article doesn’t have to be hundreds of words.

If you can take a picture with your phone, add a title and a sliver of text explaining the board, you’ve got an article.

Every time you shape a new board and add it to your website, you’re building a library of your shaping prowess that’s impossible to ignore.

You could take it a step further.

You could create different sections on your website. Furthermore, you could have the surfboard library, but you could also have a “safe surfing tips” section.

Or perhaps you have a surf school going on the side. That’s more website traffic waiting to happen!

Email marketing

People cringe at the idea of email marketing, but clever marketing blokes keep revealing that email is still one of the most powerful marketing channels in the world, despite all the baying over social media, “brand building” and “influencer marketing”.

And here’s the fantastic bit about our email marketing: you don’t have to create emails.

You keep adding content to your website and that content creates your email newsletter automatically.

We do a few things to help you get going with building an email list.

We set you up with a newsletter system, then we add a signup form to your website where website visitors can pop in their names and email addresses to receive your newsletter. They’re added to your system automatically.

Search engine marketing

People might ask their Facebook mates about certain surfboard brands. That’s almost guaranteed.

But they go onto Google to suss out your creations too.

You’ve got to ask where you stand in the search engine marketing scheme of things.

Look at these searches people perform in your niche:

  • buy surfboards online
  • online skate shop los angeles
  • surf shop online
  • online surf shop
  • lifestyle surf shop
  • surf shops near me
  • surfboards for sale las vegas
  • buy fish surfboard online
  • fish surfboard for sale
  • surfboards
  • retro fish surfboards
  • 6’4 fish surfboard
  • fish surfboard for beginner
  • best fish surfboards
  • fish surfboard size chart
  • buy gun surfboard online
  • semi gun surfboard
  • gun surfboard size chart
  • gun surfboard for sale
  • california gun surfboard
  • mini gun surfboard
  • surfboards for sale

Are you featuring for any of those terms?

“Las Vegas? What? I’m not even in Las Vegas! You’re insane!”

But don’t miss the opportunity for traffic with the above search terms.

Here’s a secret: because of this article you’re reading now, this website will show up for some keywords related to your niche.

You should be stealing traffic back from us!

And if creating content isn’t your thing, hire us to do it. You score big because we create expert level content and build YOUR website with it.


A surfboard shaper with a Gmail address probably doesn’t look too bad.

In fact, it might show prospective clients you’re a non-conformist, non-techno, old skool kind of guy who shapes with hand tools, not power tools.

You design with pen and paper, not a keyboard and mouse. People like that sort of thing.

But if you like, our web design package lets you set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

And if you use POP to set up your emails with, you won’t have to worry about wasting hosting space.


Your website comes with Google Analytics.

You can check it out any time you want.

You also get a weekly email report.

It’s a far simpler method of keeping an eye on your website’s traffic. It shows you which keywords brought people from where and to what pages.

Your website also has a search box that records what people search for.

Say, for instance, you’ve been pushing Mini Malibu surfboards really hard in your marketing campaigns, but you notice people searching for fishes when they use your website.

That’s a revelation worth paying attention to. Now you can start adding content about your fish boards.

Mobile friendly

Your website will look nice on any size screen, just like your surfboards look great from any angle.

That’s cos you don’t want surfboard hunters to pinch and zoom to see your marvelous designs.


This package is a 20-foot monster at Mavericks.

It packs serious punch when implemented correctly.

So you may expect to pay premium.

But if the return is good, it’s worth your while to invest.


You could chug along, posting your boards to Facebook.

You perhaps even have a website that sits there like a long forgotten hand plane in a corner somewhere, longing to be used in your shaping endeavors, but standing no chance.

Furthermore, you could remain happy with the status quo.

Or you could book a consultation, get yourself a proper marketing package and start marketing to more surfers, more often.

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