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You offer a range of apparel corporates love.

It gives you great joy to see companies choose you to dress their employees.

You’re an important part of the supply chain because first impressions last, and there’s only one place where this principle is more important than in the corporate world: the world of love.

But love is not your game…

Your game is to supply top quality clothing to companies, so their employees look smart and part of the team.

But are you reaching more of the right company connections, so you can build more contacts to sell more apparel?

Are you missing out on corporate clients?

Perhaps you’ve been told that social media is the most significant marketing channel invented yet and that you must, must, must spend all, or at least most of, your budget on it.

Perhaps you’re an avid social media user yourself.

You’re on Facebook often, liking and sharing all sorts of stuff you think your friends and family will enjoy.

But have you ever asked yourself what the return on investment is for social media marketing?

Have you ever wondered whether you’re not missing out on other clients if your main focus is social media?

What can you do with your corporate apparel website?

With a great website, you could be reaching far more people.

A website from us is built on the popular WordPress platform, known for its flexibility and ease of use.

But it’s the built-in marketing ability that’ll set your website apart.

If you get one of our web design packages, you can add articles to it to promote your latest offerings.

If your budget does not allow any paid advertising whatsoever, keep adding articles to your website (which costs you nothing but time) and you’d be surprised at how much attention you’ll get just by regularly posting great content.

Once you’re in the swing of adding articles, you can start applying proper taxonomies to really help website visitors and Google understand you.

This should give you even more of a website traffic boost.


If you’re ready for the next step, we can build you an online shop, to which you could add all of your products.

There are phenomenal ecommerce solutions on the market.

One of the best is Ecwid, which we can set up and run for you.

Email marketing

Email is still the number one way to connect with clients.

Why’s that?

Because getting someone’s email address is like getting an invitation to dinner.

Getting a like or a share on Facebook doesn’t mean much. It takes the click of a button or tap of a thumb.

But a person who gives you their email address is interested in what you have to say. And they want to keep hearing from you.

We give you a newsletter system which costs no effort to build.

It’s automatic.

You just keep adding great articles to your website.

We also set up a subscription box on your website. Here, website visitors can add their name and email address. This automatically adds to your email subscription service.

Whenever you add content to your website again, it’s sent out to those subscribers automatically, with a link back to your website.

Search engine marketing

Search engines offer a great way for people to find your competition.

That’s what happens if you don’t have a good website.

If your website lacks important things, your competition who does have a great website is getting all the traffic!

They might be featuring for the following search terms: “corporate clothing”, “corporate apparel”, “corporate dress for woman”, “golf shirts for men” or any number of searches people perform on the likes of Google.

Are you featuring for those search phrases? You should be!

Don’t miss out on Google traffic by not having a website or by using a substandard website.

And if creating content or adding your latest apparel is something you want to avoid doing, hire us to do it.

You send us the pics and details of the product you would like to add, and we’ll add it to your site.

Rest assured, it’s done in a super professional way that’s geared towards helping you get traffic for a long time to come.


If you’re still using a Gmail or Yahoo account, a website can help you look more professional.

And since you’re in the corporate game, looking more professional is what it’s about.

Our web design package allows you to set up as many branded email addresses as you like, hosting space being your only limit.


Your corporate apparel website comes with Google Analytics, and you’re always welcome to access it whenever you wish.

But we also set up a weekly analytics report which displays metrics like which search phrases brought people to your site, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

The report also contains some social media metrics.

It’s sent to you every week, so you can take a peek and see if your website’s traffic is growing or waning.

Your website also contains a search box that records what people are searching for.

It’s a powerful way to see what people expect of you.

Say for instance you’re pushing golf shirts, but you notice an increase in people searching for hats. This info can help you decide if you should add more info about hats to get more queries.

Mobile friendly

Your branded clothing website will look great on any size screen, mobile, desktop, and tablet.

You don’t want to lose website visitors because your website forces them to pinch and zoom.

If you frustrate website visitors, they’ll leave and find someone else to dress them and their employees.


You’re getting a solid base for marketing your company online.

You can expect to pay a premium.

If the results are positive, that shouldn’t worry you in the least.


If you want to impress people looking for branded clothing or corporate apparel, you need a professional website.

If that website lets you reach three marketing channels from a single place, that sounds like a win-win, don’t you think?

Get our marketing package and reach three channels with a gorgeous, mobile-friendly website that’s geared towards helping you enjoy long-term success.

Book a consultation to learn more.

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