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A great online marketing package for suppliers of home theatre, home automation and sound systems. Show people why your expertise will help them enjoy movies and music even more.

The crystal clarity that lets them see every pore, every detail, every flaw; the booming bass that shakes the room and flings them into a deep, dark low; the translucent treble that lifts them to soaring heights.

You don’t sell TVs and sound systems; you sell bone-wrenching, skin-tingling, mind-freaking sensory experiences.

But how can you get more people to experience the world of wonder you can conjure up for them?

Are you missing out on clients?

Are you an active Facebooker?

Perhaps you follow major audio and visual companies like Crestron, Apple, Sony, Savant, Yahama, Panasonic, Samsung, Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, Loewe, JVC and Harmon Kardon.

Maybe you share your audio visual expertise to Facebook. Or maybe you share products and services to a Facebook business page.

Perhaps you have a website. But like a Compact Cassette player it’s more of an ancient display piece than a useful tool.

Why not consider getting a website that works towards getting you more enquiries and consequently, more sales?

What can an audio-visual specialist do with a website?

If you have a physical location where people can view your products, or if you have a showroom where they can sit down to taste a bit of your latest audio-visual magic, you’d obviously make your location as clear as possible with a map.

You’d also add your contact details so people can book you or phone you for more info on your latest audio-visual products.

But what you shouldn’t miss out on is that you can use a good website to market not only your products, but also your expertise.

People love to pay attention to experts. And what better way to show them you’re an expert than by adding content to your website that reflects your expertise?

You could be adding content about how the man in the street can optimise his living room so his standard TV and sound system performs better. Of course, from that piece of content you can upsell a premium home theatre system.

Or you could simply write posts drooling all over that new stereo system you’ve just received, or that record player the discerning music aficionado would love to own, or the double HD TV that’ll blow the eyes out of even the most finicky customer.

The more content you add about your products and services, provided it’s top quality content, the more you look like the audio-visual expert you are. That means people will trust you and buy from you.

Email marketing

Email is a phenomenal marketing channel.

Think about it.

When someone likes or shares your Facebook post, they’re not showing commitment. It’s easier to click a like button than it is to switch on a TV with a remote! Sharing’s not much more difficult either.

But if someone opens your email, they’re interested in what you have to say.

And when they’re interested, you might just be able to hook them with a sale.

I set up an email newsletter system to which you may add up to 500 subscribers for a start.

I also add a subscription option to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses, which automatically adds them to your newsletter.

Whenever you add new content to your site an email goes out with the main picture of your new content as well as a link to the content on your site.

When an email recipient opens your email and clicks on a link, it takes them to your website.

And once they get to your site you can have a call to action set up of your choice. This could be a contact button or a form you’d like them to complete.

You just keep adding content and the newsletter flows all by itself.

Search engine marketing

Can you think of a more powerful, free way to drive customers than through Google?

Here are some searches people looking for you perform:

  • home theatre systems
  • home theatre systems at game
  • home theatre systems specials
  • home theatre systems for sale gauteng
  • sony home theatre systems
  • speaker systems
  • speakers for sale
  • bluetooth speakers
  • sound system
  • speaker system for car
  • computer speakers
  • tv audio
  • tv audio speakers
  • tv audio app
  • tv audio system
  • tv audio cable
  • tv audio out
  • hi fi tv
  • lg tv audio output jack

That’s a smorgasbord of traffic waiting for you to scoop up.

So you’re thinking, “we don’t have an app for our company, or a TV audio app. And we don’t sell LG. And we’re not in Gauteng.”

But don’t miss the opportunity for traffic.

If you write an article or a series of articles on some app or apps you’ve come across in the audio-visual niche that’s made your life so much easier, don’t you think you’ll draw traffic?

Of course you will!

You can go through that list, or a comparable list, choose the topics related to the audio-visual and home theatre niche and start creating content around those topics.

I guarantee you’ll see an increase in traffic to your website.

And this sort of traffic outlasts social media traffic by 99% (literally).

And more traffic = more sales.

But if creating content seems like something you won’t be good at, let me help.

Together we’ll set up a content marketing scheme and I’ll write your content for you.

That way you ensure that your website gets loaded with relevant, well-written content that’s targeted towards the right market.

Find out more about my content creation service.


An audio-visual specialist using a Gmail or Yahoo email account screams unprofessionalism.

You don’t want to look like a kook to potential customers.

Rather set up a professional email address connected to your domain name and look the part of an audio-visual expert.

With my package you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

And if you set up your emails using POP you don’t even have to worry about wasting your hosting space.


Your audio-visual website comes with Google Analytics installed, which means you’ll always have access to data that shows if people come to your site, what they do there and which pages they visit.

But if you opt for the weekly report you’ll see crucial data at a glance.

Why is this important?

If you don’t know what the market is looking for, how can you serve them?

Your website also comes with a search function that records what website visitors search for.

This can further help you become more market oriented.

Say for instance you’ve been adding content about high end Apple and Samsung devices to your website, but you notice people are searching for JVC and LG products, you might consider adding content about those brands instead, or in addition.

Mobile friendly

your audio-visual website will look great on any size screen.

Consider for a moment the person who visits your website from a phone.

They notice an article about the multi-room system you offer that’s built with some serious hardware.

But your site’s not mobile friendly.

So now they have to pinch and zoom to read your article and see the pictures of the TV and sound system.

They should have been drooling and looking for the “Contact us Now’ button by now, but instead they’re squinting and scowling at their screen.

That’s a fail and you lose a potential sale.


You’d think a 3-D marketing package like this would set you back the price of a seriously madly expensive piece of equipment, but that’s as far from the truth as evolution.

I’m not cheap, because the service I offer has serious long term benefits.

But I’m not so expensive that you’d recoil in horror at seeing the price tag.

Well, if you understand value, you won’t recoil in horror.


You might find a good number of clients on social media sites like Facebook.

And you might even get the odd person who stumbles across your static website and contacts you for more info or a quote.

But my marketing package will help you get more enquiries through more channels from a single point you’re the owner and director of.

Book a consultation and see how I can get more clients contacting you.

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