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PE Timber Homes moves over to us to ensure their website remains up to date.
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We had the privilege of taking over the hosting and management of PE Timber Homes, a company that builds beautiful timber homes.

Ian and Sue Smit, owners of the company, have been building dream timber creations for more than 20 years.

We didn’t change much by way of looks, since the client was happy with the design as it was.

Maintenance and backups

One main change is that we added their website to our maintenance system.

That means they won’t have to worry about their website themes and plugins crashing due to going out of date.

They also don’t have to worry about comment spam (which bogs down a website) since we turned it off.


Most of the changes came behind the scenes.

We made the site more search engine friendly by reviewing the current SEO and adding some SEO elements that weren’t present on the old iteration, to ensure the site performs well in Google.

Content updates

Since Ian and Sue are too busy to maintain their website, they’ve asked us to take care of adding future projects. Our content marketing service covers their need in this respect.

The clients are happy with their hosting now, and they can rest assured their site will keep running.

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