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A towing company gets a website to showcase their towing services.
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A towing company, Nyati Towing, reached out to us for a website for their business.

One of the owners of the company had the frustrating experience of having had is business’ Facebook page disabled regularly. He had no clue what or who caused it, but he just couldn’t rely on Facebook anymore.

Now, the first thing that sprung to mind was that Facebook is probably not the best platform to market a towing company.

The second thing that came to mind was that they’d need paid advertising.

Although our forte is long term natural SEO, we jumped in and build their website.

We prepped it with plenty of landing pages for paid advertising, and we also set up a news section that acts like a gallery to showcase their towing and transporting services.

Every page on the website contains a clickable cellphone link and clickable WhatsApp link. There really is no reason to waste the time of someone arriving at the site, looking for roadside assistance or towing services.

The trick, however, is to balance content related to their niche with the urgency inherent in their game.

Time is showing that their website works. The analytics report we installed for them reveals that they’re regularly contacted for roadside assistance.

This is important to note, since the towing niche is a tough one, with competitors mostly pushing their services through Google Ads.

However, because they have a site with many pages, they’re receiving traffic through location-specific, long-tail keywords.

It sets off their paid ads cost quite a bit, which is good news for their bottom line.

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