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Milkwood Market gets a website from where they share news, including event updates.
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Milkwood Market was started to offer the local sellers of a small town the opportunity to display their wears to residents.

Since its inception, it’s steadily grown into a firm favorite with locals and visitors alike, taking place most Saturdays of the year at their permanent location.

Milkwood Market truly belongs to the people. This is something you’ll pick up when you visit the stalls or when you speak to the people behind the initiative.

There’s a desire to get people together; to have them share in the joy of great food (try a delicious corn dog when you visit the market) or be enthralled by local musicians like Brandon and Mandy Watson (search for their song, Malakai, on Google Music).

What struck me was the reasonable cost of renting a stall at Milkwood Market. The owners of Milkwood are not just in the business of making money, but adding value.

When they heard of Bay Marketing Co’s web design service, they didn’t hesitate to sign up.

Their website acts as a center of news for happenings at the market.

Milkwood Market is looking at incorporating other local business’ initiatives into their program, like hosting auctions for a local auctioneer.

From their newsletter signup rate, it seems many people are anxious to receive their news.

But they needn’t worry about creating a newsletter every time they want to share something because we’ve set up their blog to post to a newsletter automatically. It’s a win-win!

Their future looks bright, and we’re proud to be part of their family.

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