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Jeffreys Bay Wheel & Tyre, a Dunlop Zone programme member, gets a professional website to showcase their fitment products and services.
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If I need shocks or tires, Jeffrey’s Bay Wheel & Tyre (Dunlop Zone) is my go-to supplier.

The reason for this?  Their prices are competitive and their service excellent.

So, when Tyrone, the owner of Jeffrey’s Bay Wheel & Tyre told me he required a website, I gladly told him of our website package.

Tyrone runs a professional outfit; he’s not a backyard mechanic.

He has a Facebook page and a Google My Business listing, but he realized that a website would lend even more professionalism and credibility to his business.

In fact, he mentioned that he prefers to search for businesses on Google, as opposed to Facebook. That’s because anyone can create a Facebook profile and page, while a professional website is harder to create. (If only more business owners would realize this!)

So, we built him a beautiful, search engine optimized, mobile-friendly website.

I told him that adding company specials to his blog would do his business a world of good, since Google would index his articles and grant him more ways to feature for local searches.

One concern Tyrone had was whether he’d have to write lengthy blog posts.

I informed him that sharing an image with one or two paragraphs would be fine.

Longer content is better, but ultimately the main point is to communicate what you can with people who want to see what you have to offer.

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