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DKM Log Homes builds a solid foundation with a website from me.
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We met Louis Fourie, owner of DKM Log Homes, through a connection of ours, who told us of Louis’ need for a website for his timber frame log home business.

When Louis came around for coffee, we discussed his needs and soon after ordered his domain name.

We wanted to get going with his site at the earliest, for him to have a solid web presence to which he could start adding content.

Louis builds a variety of timber constructions, not just log homes.

His portfolio includes decking, staircases, fences, and barbecues.

He also builds timber extensions and makes alterations to existing structures.

Louis’ website is geared towards one thing: to get people to contact him for a quote.

Louis makes use of our content writing services too.

He doesn’t like posting his completed projects to his website himself. He has better things to do.

So, he sends us photos of his projects, as well as the technical details for his projects. We then create professional project posts and add it to his website.

Those posts are shared to DKM Log Homes’ Facebook page. Louis, from his end, boosts those posts, which drives traffic to his website. On his website, he’s got plenty of calls to action for people to make, so he regularly receives messages asking for a quote for a timber construction.

It’s a fantastically powerful online marketing methodology that works really well. (Book a consultation if you’d like to know more.)

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