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Imagine your website is a caravan. It might be a dilapidated piece of junk on two biscuits or it could be a top-of-the-range Gecko Xtreme. Whichever it is, it still needs to be parked somewhere if you want to use it.

It’s the same with a website. Your website might be an old static, non-mobile-friendly, non-SEO friendly piece of junk or it could boast the latest in coding. Either way, it needs to be parked somewhere.

This parking spot for a website is called hosting.

You could get seriously cheap hosting for your website, but you must ask yourself what you’re getting for your money.

And if you know how bad cheap hosting is for your website (for search engine ranking and for visitor usability) you’ll run from it like someone from a virus outbreak.

That’s why you should consider using me for your website’s hosting.

Fast SSD

Sometimes you come across a website that’s so painfully slow you can make yourself a pot of cold brew coffee between each click.

It’s especially true of websites built with content management systems like WordPress.

One of the main problems is that a slow site is probably hosted on a standard hard drive.

Because I use WordPress exclusively for my clients, I can’t afford to host websites on standard hard drives. The load time forms a crucial part of Google’s ranking algorithm, so I can’t afford to have something like hosting keeping my clients back.

In other words, if a prospect approaches me to help them rank better in Google but their website is hosted on a standard server I’d decline the offer.

That’s because after every single optimisation trick and search engine marketing effort the website’s load speed will still be affected negatively by the slow hard drive it’s hosted on.

In other words, you’ll be building a gorgeous palace on a foundation made of rotten driftwood.

If your website’s speed is important to you, and it should be, you must host on a solid state drive.


Let’s be honest: nothing is secure. If someone wants to hack you they will.

But, thank God, so far none of my clients have been hacked.

From my end I employ a few ways to ensure your website looks attractive to only those people it should and not hackers.

Multiple backups

Your website always has at least two backups at any given time.

These backups aren’t hosted on your account, since that would eat up your hosting space.

They’re hosted elsewhere and should anything go wrong, God forbid, I can get you up and running quicker than the ANC can destroy a country.

Minimal entry points

I ensure that your website’s admin panel can’t be accessed by just anyone. In fact, as a client, even though it’s your website, I don’t allow you full access to the admin panel.

The reason I take this precaution is not because I don’t trust you with your own site. It’s what others might discover when they access your laptop or computer with or without your knowledge.

Because I limit your access, if someone accesses your website’s admin panel illegally, at least they won’t have full access and can therefore only do minimal damage.

Image hosting

One of the biggest obstructions to fast load times is the uploading of oversized images to websites.

I tackle this issue in three ways…


Firstly, your images aren’t hosted on your server. It might look like they’re hosted on your website but the moment you upload an image it’s automatically sent to a different server from where it’s referenced on your website.


Your images are served from a content delivery network.

It’s a bit of a complex topic, but suffice it to say that your content is mirrored on different servers across the globe.

That means if someone accesses your website from the USA, they’re served the same images you see on your website. The difference is, the copies they see are hosted on a server that’s closer to their location.

Lazy loading

On some web pages you’ll notice images only loading when you scroll them into view.

You’ll also notice that those web pages load quite quickly.

That’s because only the images in your view are loaded to save the whole page from having to open in its entirety, which can take a long time if it’s a large page.

If you host with me all your web pages will lazy load, ensuring your website visitors won’t have to wait a long time.

Always updated

The moment your website is added to my fold it’s also added to my management dashboard from where your theme and plugins are kept up to date religiously.

Web technology, coding and hosting move fast. This is not always a good thing, but it’s a reality. And if your website’s not kept up to date it won’t be long before your website, once a bright and shiny tool, falls into disrepair and eventually conks out completely.

If you wait too long between updates you might expose your website to security risks.

It’s important to minimize security risks, so when a new update comes along I run it. This way I ensure that nothing breaks. And if something breaks I simply load a previous version of your website and wait for the knot to be worked out of the system.

Excellent uptime

My downtime is miniscule.

I’ve had one prospect ask me for a detailed report of my downtime before they committed to signing up.

That’s because I couldn’t answer them when they asked me what my downtime was, since I never experience those sorts of issues.

I ran a report and sent it to them. Apparently they were satisfied because they signed up as a client.

Excellent service

It’s of utmost importance that my clients are sensationally happy.

I can’t help them in their personal lives and I can’t help them win the lotto.

But when their website’s in peril or their emails aren’t working, they need to know that I make it priority to sort out the issue.

A wise man once said, “a good name is more to be desired than fine gold.” (He said it in Hebrew, though.) I live by that credo. My good name is more important than a bucket of KFC. And I love KFC.


You’ll find hosting so cheap you’ll forget you’ve got a website going somewhere.

You might even find free hosting.

But the lower the price, generally speaking, the lower the quality and service.

Make sure you get your cake and eat it too by hosting with me.

Your website will load fast, be secure and work pretty much 24 hours, seven days a week.

Book a consultation to get going.

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