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I saw from my weekly analytics report that I’m starting to show up in search for the search phrase, “guaranteed website traffic”.

I’ll postulate that this search is performed by someone looking for a way to drive lots of traffic easily.

This is a touchy subject for me.

I’ve lost business because business owners approach me with the following sort of demand: “I want you to build me a website and it must feature at the top of Google.”

I explain further down below why I invariably end up not getting this sort of business owner as a client and why this view is out of touch with reality.

But let’s first look at the quickest way to get guaranteed website traffic.

The quickest way


If you want guaranteed traffic NOW, the only way to do it right is to pay for ads on reputable ad networks like Google and Facebook.

If you have tons of money, chuck it at paid advertising and you’ll get more traffic than you’ll know what to do with.

Apart from the obvious benefit of getting a massive influx of traffic immediately, there are secondary benefits too, like the ability to gather marketing data.

For instance, if you have a search function on your website that records what website visitors search for when they use it (like I give to all my clients) and you get plenty of traffic, you’ll probably get an influx of searches on your website.

That data can help you make marketing decisions. You might be pushing a specific product, but notice website visitors searching for something else.

That’s invaluable for helping you decide whether you should continue pushing what you want VS pushing what you see the market wants.

Long term

One of my favorite ways to drive traffic is through content marketing (blog posts, articles, news items).

It’s a great way to ensure traffic consistently comes in for a long time, but it takes time.

Building quality, guaranteed traffic over the long term without paying for advertising requires patience and well written content that’s relevant to your niche.

Some of my clients enjoy traffic from content I’ve created for them years ago.

That’s because they’ve steadily climbed the ranks in Google due to the content being of great value.

The more quality content you add to your website, the more opportunities you create for your website to appear in Google.

In my opinion, content marketing is one of the best ways to consistently receive guaranteed traffic to your website.


What’s the most important aspect of marketing?

It’s targeting.

Whether you run paid ad campaigns or choose to create a long term content traffic strategy, you must share the right message with the right people.

If you don’t, you might draw as much traffic as 405 Freeway, but it won’t mean much.

If your targeting is off you’ll see far less conversions than you’d like.

Say for instance you’re in the outdoor gear game.

It would be a mistake to target hardcore airsoft fans if you’re advertising paintball guns. You’ll get some airsoft players who cross over, but a far better idea would be to target paintball aficionados with your advertising.

You’re not special

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, I’m sometimes approached by business owners who want their websites to appear at the top of Google for their specific niche. And they usually want it to happen yesterday.

But it’s a flawed understanding of how Google works.

And when I explain to them how the system works they lose interest and I never hear from them again. It’s probably a good thing, since I don’t get stuck with their wildly ludicrous expectations.

The first thing to understand is that Google owes you nothing. If they choose to not rank your website well, or if they choose to rank your competitor’s website above yours, that’s entirely their decision.

It’s their search engine and they can do with it what they want.

The second thing to know is that Google is in the game of delivering quality content to people who use their search engine.

If they don’t deliver quality, people will go elsewhere to find the things they’re searching for.

That means that, if you want Google to rank your website higher (which should translate to guaranteed traffic) you need to make sure your website is worthy of their top spot for your niche.

The only way to do that is by consistently adding quality content to your website people will find worthy of their time and Google will find worthy of a better ranking.

So it’s entirely possible to get guaranteed traffic to your website, but you must be willing to part with time or money, or both, to get your guaranteed traffic.

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