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You love animals. That’s why you chose to become a vet.

The blessing of being a vet is that your love for animals spills over into a love for people, because you’re healing some of the most precious friends your clients have.

But perhaps you’re looking for more people to walk through your vet shop.

I can help.

Are you missing out on patients?

Do you post to social media regularly? Do you share updates about your work to a Facebook page maybe? Or maybe even pics to Instagram?

Have you ever wondered what the return on investment is for your shares?

Can you give it a monetary value?

Perhaps you own a website.

It looks great. It’s mobile friendly; it’s fast; it’s got some nice pics on it.

And sometimes people stumble onto it and maybe share your page to their Facebook profile.

But you don’t really use it. And you’re wondering if there’s any value to a website.

Doesn’t look like it.

But what if you got a website that helps you market to more channels?

What can you do with your veterinarian website?

A good website contains all the normal information necessary for you to get more people interested in your veterinary service.

It must contain your contact details and location.

It must also include the type of veterinary services you offer. Do you offer surgery? Do you sell pet food? Can people buy pet toys from you?

This is information people want to know. And if you add it to your website it’ll drive traffic.

But you can take it a step further.

You can set yourself apart by regularly posting updates about your veterinary triumphs.

Say you’ve just successfully removed an obstruction from the throat of tannie Bertina’s dog, Lord Scruffy.

You’ve just saved the life of tannie Bertina’s child!

That’s a win!

And you know what, other tannies in your area would LOVE to know that you’ll be able to save their precious little children when they’re in trouble.

Or perhaps you successfully splinted Mr Meow-Meow’s leg and his owner is thrilled to the moon.

You could be posting articles about those wins on a regular basis to establish yourself as a veterinary authority.

That’s what this sort of thing does: it helps you look like the pro you are.

Furthermore, you could categorise your website into different animal services and products and post articles to the appropriate categories.

That makes your website look even better and easier to use for humans and search engines.

Search engine marketing

Search engines are fantastic for finding vet services.

Sure, people ask their friends and family on Facebook for recommendations, but they’ll google your name too, to see what comes up.

These are some of the searches for the veterinary niche:

  • vet services near me
  • veterinarians near me
  • veterinary doctors
  • online pet store south africa
  • large pet shops near me

Are you featuring for any of those searches?

You might be thinking, “I don’t have a pet store.”

But don’t miss the website traffic advantages from searches done in Google.

If you sell pet toys and pet food, you offer similar products to a pet shop and therefore you could be capitalising on those searches.


A vet shop with a Gmail account doesn’t strike me as particularly professional.

With my web design package you can set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

But if you use POP to set up your emails with you won’t have to stress about wasting hosting space.


Your veterinary website comes with Google Analytics installed.

It’s a great way for you to see what’s happening on your website; who visits it and which pages they go to.

But you also get a free weekly analytics report email that shares important information in a beautiful presentation, along with some social media metrics.

Your website also contains a search box that records what people who use it search for.

That way you can see what people are looking for when they land on your website.

Mobile friendly

Your vet website will be mobile friendly.

You’d hate to have to frustrate people by having them pinch and zoom to read and see your veterinary mastery.


You’d think a vet website with all of this functionality will put you back the price of this plush, super expensive office chair.

I don’t think it’ll reach quite that level, but I’m certainly not cheap.

If you want more people bringing their pets to you, you need more people seeing your vet shop.

And for more people to see your vet shop you need more traffic.

More traffic costs money.

But if there’s a good return on investment, does it matter if you pay premium? It shouldn’t.


You could coast along, posting to Facebook and enjoying the likes and shares.

You could have your static website and just be happy with a little bit of traffic.

Or you could opt for a veterinary website that lets you post content to it and reach multiple marketing channels from a single place.

Book a consultation, get a phenomenal marketing package, increase your influence and get more clients through your doors.

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