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With tsotsis roaming our country, freely helping themselves to everything from cash to cars, phones to farms, and everything in-between, is it any wonder security companies are so popular?

There are people out there wondering who’ll keep them safe tonight or the next time the lights go out for another bout of load shedding.

How can you ensure you get those people to see your security services and products?

Are you missing out on clients?

Perhaps you post to social media regularly.

Maybe you consider yourself a social media aficionado. Perhaps you like and share other people’s posts in a bid to show your solidarity with them.

Maybe you add content to a Facebook business page about your security services and products.

And maybe you’re getting plenty of likes and shares.

But I have two questions for you:

  1. Have you ever worked out how many likes and shares it takes before you get another client?
  2. Is Facebook really the best platform for marketing your security business to? Aren’t there perhaps other platforms out there worth targeting?

Maybe you have a website for your security company. And when you first got it it was like a shiny bright toy. You loved looking at it. You even shared it to your Facebook personal page and business page.

But with time it started to stagnate and today it’s like a tsotsi sitting in a corner of a cell, ashamed of having been caught and awaiting his punishment.

Maybe it’s time you look at getting a great website for your security company.

What can a security company do with a website?

If you want people to phone you, put your phone number on your new website loud and clear. Put it everywhere.

If you want people to email you, add your email address too. And add a contact form with added security to ensure it’s not abused by bots (digital tsotsis).

But if you want to set yourself apart as the security company, use your website to add relevant information that’s well written and helps people look after themselves and their loved ones better.

For instance, if you add a “personal security tips” section to your website and add articles that are worth something, you’ll draw traffic to your website. And traffic is gold, as you’ll start seeing the further you read.

Adding articles about personal safety shows people you care for them. It also shows them you know your stuff when it comes to security. You’re not some fly-by-night security wannabe swooping in to make some quick cash off of people’s fears.

Email marketing

It’s still one of the top ways to communicate with clients and prospects.

And if you’re not building an email list for marketing purposes you’re missing out on a phenomenal direct marketing channel.

Here’s how I add email marketing to your website so you can use it to reach more people.

First off, I set up an email newsletter system.

You’re allowed to add up to 500 subscribers to this email newsletter. That’s just for a start. You can always upgrade later.

I also add a signup box to your website where website visitors can punch in their names and email addresses. This adds them to your newsletter automatically.

Here’s what’s really nice about this email newsletter system: it’s totally automatic. You don’t have to spend a second creating email newsletters.

Whenever you add new content to your website it’s sent out to subscribers automatically. That’s incredible value!

Search engine marketing

Google will send your security company serious traffic if you play the game right.

Here are some searches people perform when they’re looking for a security company:

  • home security services
  • home security services near me
  • diy home security systems
  • home security systems
  • home security solutions
  • wireless home security systems
  • home security systems reviews
  • home security systems consumer reports
  • smart home security systems
  • home security systems near me
  • diy home security systems with cameras
  • buy security cameras
  • security cameras
  • wireless cctv cameras south africa
  • cctv cameras for sale
  • cctv camera prices
  • wifi cctv camera system
  • home cctv camera system
  • cctv systems
  • cctv cameras
  • cctv cameras for sale
  • cctv cameras cape town
  • wireless cctv cameras
  • ip cctv systems
  • hikvision cctv systems
  • cctv specials

Ar you featuring for any of those?

You should be.

But maybe you’re objecting to some of those searches. Perhaps you’re thinking, “we don’t sell DIY security systems. We’re a premium supplier of security services.”

To which I’d say, “don’t miss the opportunities for traffic from those searches!”

If you know DIY security is a dangerous thing that could cost people dearly, then add content to your website explaining that.

You’ll start driving traffic to your own website for those searches and gain lifelong customers; customers who would have tried handling their own security.

And if you’re not comfortable adding content to your website yourself, hire me to do it. Send me pics of your happy clients, the latest successful tsotsi bust or any company news and I’ll add it to your website. Read more about my content creation service.


A security company using Yahoo or Gmail email accounts doesn’t look professional.

With my package you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting space being the only limit.

But if you set up your email using POP even your hosting space won’t be a limitation.


Your security website comes with Google Analytics installed so you can take a look at your traffic reports whenever you feel like it.

But you also get a free weekly report that shares details like which keywords brought people to your site, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

Your site also comes with a search box that records what people are searching for when they use it.

This is a great indicator of whether you should change the direction of your security company’s offerings, or make small amendments.

For instance, if you add a new security system to your website and draw traffic to it, but you notice people are searching for a different type of security system on your website, you could act on that information.

Mobile friendly

Your security website will look great on any size screen.

That’s important because you don’t want to confuse potential customers into going away from your website.

In other words, when someone comes across your website when they google a security service on their cell phone, click on your website name and they’re greeted with a website that’s not optimised for their screen size, how will that look?


That’s why your website will look good on any size screen.


So you get a great-looking website that’s mobile friendly and has the ability to help you climb to the top in Google.

This website must cost the price of this office chair (super expensive; you probably can’t afford it).

It might.

I’m not cheap.

You get a premium website geared towards signing more clients to your security company.

Of course it’s going to cost you.


Facebook will give you clients. As will Twitter. Even Instagram might send you security clients (although I doubt the efficacy of Instagram).

If you have a static little website not doing anything but sitting like a wife that’s been stood up for a date, it’ll also send you some clients.

But my marketing package will give you everything you need to start marketing to people through three channels.

Book a consultation to discuss a solution that’ll get you more leads and consequently, more clients.

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