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It seems life these days is all about the next generation.

We hear things like, “the youth is our future.”

That may be so, but that future is being built on the foundations that broke our elders’ backs!

We’re bestowing honour on a generation that hasn’t done anything to deserve honour yet, like a president who receives a Nobel peace prize even before he’s really done anything to deserve it.

Our attention to youthfulness is lopsided and unwarranted.

We need to get back to the old ways, when elders were respected for their wisdom and knowledge.

That’s why the elderly need a retirement village where they’re valued for their past contributions as well as their current contributions. A place where they’re safe, yet not patronised and disrespected.

Is your retirement village the right place for them?

Are you missing out on residents?

You might be missing out on residents.

Maybe you have a professional Facebook business page for your retirement village.

Perhaps you scour Facebook with paid ads, looking for more people to join your safe haven.

You might even share insightful memes about getting old; those golden Facebook wisdom nuggets made to inspire.

You might have a website too.

But like a grumpy old man sitting on a stoep, moaning about everyone and everything, it’s not helpful to anyone.

It’s time to do better marketing.

It’s time to get a good website for your retirement village.

What can you do with a website for your retirement village?

Your retirement village should be easily findable, online and off.

You should have contact details sprinkled throughout your website that lets people easily get hold of you.

In fact, if you have different departments in your retirement village you could set up different contact details for each department. When someone lands on a specific page dedicated to one department they see one person’s details, whereas when they go to another page dedicated to a different department they see another person’s.

But a retirement village website could literally be part of the retirement community’s drive to inform outsiders about what’s happening at the village.

Surely you have retirees with you who can write? If you pay them they could produce great content for your website.

Can you imagine the type of traffic you’ll drive to your website if the community in your retirement village makes your website part of their lives?

If you get your residents and staff on-board with your website they can take pictures when a special event takes place, or simply take pics of everyday life, create articles and post it to your website.

That way you create a constant stream of content invaluable for marketing purposes.

Email marketing

There’s hardly a more powerful way to market than to connect with people where their minds are ready for business: their email inboxes.

Think about it…

Facebook is like a pub. There are all these people sitting around, listening to skindernuus, having a beer and laughing at jokes.

Now you break into their little party trying to sell them a space in your retirement village.

Some of them, out of courtesy, because you’re a friend, will give your effort a thumbs up. Others might even pump their friends in the ribs and tell them to listen to you while you’re giving your spiel.

But then someone in another group pipes up with a screamer of a joke, everyone bursts out laughing and you’re immediately old news.

The next thing, two brothers get up and start singing “My Sarie Marais” and everyone joins in.

Your retirement village is long forgotten!

But when someone gives you their email address they’re telling you to contact them where they don’t have distractions.

They’re willing to see what you have to say about your retirement village because either they’d want to move there or they know of someone who might be interested.

To help grow your email list I set up a newsletter system to which you may add up to 500 subscribers. If your subscriber list grows past that you may simply upgrade.

I also add a signup form to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses, after which they’re automatically added to your newsletter system.

Here’s the best part: you don’t have to create email newsletters.

You just keep adding content to your website and it’s shared with subscribers automatically.

Search engine marketing

Google is a great gizmo for getting more people interested in your retirement village.

These are some of the searches people perform to find out more about retirement villages:

  • retirement village near me
  • retirement villages near me
  • retirement village for sale
  • old age home near me
  • retirement home near me
  • aftree-oord
  • bekostigbare aftree oorde
  • retirement places
  • retirement places real estate
  • best places to retire in the world

Are you showing up for any of those searches?

You could be.

And before you say, “we don’t have an old age home; it’s a retirement village,” think of the traffic those phrases could drive to your website if you speak of them.

You could create a series of articles highlighting the differences between an old age home, a retirement village and a frail care centre and by so doing establish yourself as an authority in the field.


A retirement village with a Yahoo or Gmail account looks terribly unprofessional.

If you get one of my web design packages you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

But you can even work around the space issue by setting up your emails using POP. That way you keep your server clean.


Your retirement village website comes with Google Analytics installed.

But you also get a handy report that’s sent out weekly.

It shares info like which search phrases brought people to your website, where they’re from and which pages they used.

Your website also comes with a search box that records what people search for when they use it.

It’s a fantastic way for you to know what people expect from your retirement village.

Mobile friendly

Your website will work wonderfully on any size screen: mobile, desktop and tablet.

It’s important that your demographic, when they land on the site, can make out what your website is saying.


Your website will probably not cost the price of this watch, which is probably far above your budget.

But it’s not cheap.

That’s because I offer a premium package that’s geared towards getting more people interested in your retirement village.


You’ll find success for your marketing efforts on Facebook. You’ll get leads contacting you about your retirement village.

But you might be missing out on serious traffic by not using a website that’s geared towards helping you reach more people, while not forcing you to do more work.

Book a consultation, get yourself a great marketing package today and cast a wider net for your retirement village.

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