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You’re a knight in shining armour, fixing faucets, taming toilets and prepping pipes.

People might not always think of you in that way, but you’ll always be the saviour of the day.

But how can you get more people to contact you when they have a plumbing need?

Are you missing out on plumbing clients?

Do you regularly use Facebook?

Maybe you post funny plumbing memes to Facebook and revel in the likes and shares.

Perhaps you post pics of your work to a Facebook business page and get people who like, share and comment on your work.

But have you ever wondered what the real value of those likes and shares are?

Don’t you think it strange that people measure their business’ success on things that don’t bring in money?

Let me ask you this: if tannie Petronella, who sits in an old age home in Botswana, gives your posts a like and a share because you’re one of her favourite nephews, will you be driving up to Botswana if one of her friends needs a plumber?

I don’t think so.

So why do you think people afford social media so much attention? I hope you’re more sensible than that.

Perhaps you have a little duct tape website that just sits there in a corner, covered in cobwebs. It doesn’t work even a little bit.

What if there’s another (dare I say better?) way to approach your plumbing company’s online marketing?

The answer lies in a website that can help you get more attention and consequently, more clients.

What can a plumber do with a website?

Your job requires you to have your phone at the ready. So you’d want your phone number and an email address readily available on your site.

It would even be handy to add one of those WhatsApp contact buttons in the bottom corner of your website.

If you offer plumbing parts in a showroom setting you’d want your location to be shared on a Google map.

But if you want to stand out above other plumbers and look like the expert you are you’d want to put your website in overdrive by adding successfully completed projects to it.

And you can make yourself look even better by sharing plumbing tips with the internet.

You’ll do a number of things when you share completed projects and tips.

You’ll look like a pro and you’ll show people you care about them.

It’s a killer combination for gaining the trust of the man in the street and building contractors looking to partner with plumbers.

Email marketing

Email is a fantastic way to reach people.

That’s why I offer you the opportunity to reach up to 500 people with an automatic newsletter for free.

And it’s an easy concept.

Keep adding content to your website and that content is sent out in a neat email containing some pics and a link back to your website. When someone clicks on the link they visit your site where you can have them take an action of your choice, like call you for a quote.

I also stick a signup box on your website where website visitors can sign up for your plumbing news. This automatically adds them to your newsletter system.

Search engine marketing

Google will send you some serious business if you know how to rank your plumbing company.

Here are some of the searches people perform for plumbers:

  • plumber near me
  • plumber
  • plumbers nearby
  • plumbing services
  • plumber near me
  • plumber near me phone number
  • plumber near me cheap
  • plumber near me now
  • plumber near me emergency
  • diy plumbing
  • diy toilet unblocking

Are you featuring for any of those searches? You should.

But you might say that DIY plumbing is not your game and therefore it doesn’t make sense touching on the subject.

But that’s not accurate.

You could always use a phrase like “DIY plumbing” to rank better in search engines.

In other words, you could be adding content to your website explaining why it’s a bad idea to try and unblock your own toilet. That way you’ll set yourself up as an expert and get more people contacting you to unblock their toilets.

If creating your own content has your knees knocking, don’t stress. Hire me to do it. You’ll get well written articles that’ll entice people to call you and it’ll help drive traffic in the long run.


A plumber using a Gmail or Yahoo email address probably won’t be frowned upon.

But if you’d like a professional email address you may set up as many as you wish with my web design package.

The only limit is your hosting package size, but even that needn’t be a problem if you set up your email using POP.


Your plumbing website comes with Google Analytics installed. You may access your analytics at any time. And it’s a great idea to do so.

But you also receive a weekly report showing you important details like where website visitors are from, which keywords brought them to your site and which pages they visited.

Analytics makes it easy for you to see how people get to you.

But your website also comes with a search box that records searches. So whenever someone searches for something on your site, that search is recorded and gives you an idea of whether you’re market oriented.

Say you’re adding pictures of faucets you’ve fixed but you notice people are searching for DIY pipe fixes. Now you know you can add information about your pipe fitting adventures too and that should help people make up their minds to contact you.

Mobile friendly

Your plumbing website will look great on any size screen.

Say for instance someone comes across one of your web pages through Google on their phone and they click to visit your website. You don’t want them to struggle to figure out what your web page is saying, or struggle to figure out what your pictures are conveying.

You want them to have a clear idea and make contact with you as soon as possible.

That’s why your website must and will be mobile friendly.


I’m not cheap, so it’s best you don’t contact me if all you want is a website that’s not geared towards delivering results.

It probably won’t cost the price of this unbelievable piece of garage equipment, but it won’t be cheap either.


You’ll get people enquiring about plumbers in your region on Facebook. And if you offer a good service you’ll be recommended and consequently get clients from Facebook.

You might even get clients if you have a static little website that doesn’t do much but look like a piece of thread tape trying to stop a tap from leaking.

But if you get my marketing package you’ll be able to market to people through three channels and get more eyeballs on your service. And that should put more clients on your books.

Book a consultation so we can discuss how you can get more clients on your books.

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