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Your shop is a veritable feast of colours. You cover all the basic colours (for men) and everything in-between (for women).

You supply a wide range of coating for all sorts of applications, including automotive, decorative, heavy duty, industrial and marine.

And since your scope is so wide you must ensure that you and your staff members know what you’re talking about when a client steps through your door.

Therefore everyone who works in your paint shop is highly trained, or on their way to being highly trained. They’re quick to explain the benefits and drawbacks of certain products and quick to make spot-on suggestions.

It’s expertise that brings your customers back.

But are you reaching all the prospects you can?

Surely more people could learn about your proficiency in providing quality paints and advice and join your army of loyal clients.

Are you missing out on clients?

Do you post to Facebook regularly? Perhaps you have a professional page for your paint company.

Perhaps people love your posts. They’re forever liking and sharing your updates.

It gives you an ego boost, but have you ever asked yourself whether it’s actually worth anything?

Say for instance Sannie, a friend you invited to like your page when you first created it, likes your post about that new top coat you’ve been mixing.

This thing is amazing. It’s got excellent UV and weather protection, it’s low-VOC and it just looks great when applied.

But Sannie lives in a face-brick house, drives a brand new Merc that won’t need a paint job for the next 30 years and her home has melamine interior all over.

She won’t EVER need any of your paints.

Her like means as much as a paint brush without bristles.

I don’t think you’re hitting the target market.

And there is a way to ensure you do a better job of reaching the target market.

Perhaps it’s time to get a professional website for your paint shop.

What can you do with your paint shop website?

The first thing your website should feature is a phone number. Some people simply want your contact details. They don’t have time to read what you’ve written and they’d much rather speak to someone at your company.

Others prefer email. Therefore, your email address should be visible too.

But you could use your website to put your marketing in overdrive.


With a great website you can create a near-infinite stream of content.

It’s much like posting to Facebook, but better. (I’ll explain why, later.)

Say for instance you’ve just mixed a batch of the world’s greatest interior acrylic.

You want to share your batch with the world and get the sales going.

Your normal workflow includes taking a picture of the paint, when it’s applied and dry, and posting it to your Facebook page.

But with a slight change in approach you could be targeting three marketing channels from a single place.

Instead of posting your picture to Facebook, create an article on your website.

And by article I don’t mean a New York Times opinion piece.

It’s simply a picture, a title, an excerpt and a sliver of text.

And if you want, add some more pictures in a beautiful gallery.

If you can create a Facebook post you can create an article on your website.

But read on to see why it’s better than posting to Facebook.

And if it’s really a no-go for you to DIY, hire me to write your articles for you. I know how to write content to draw more traffic and get you more enquiries.

Email marketing

Email is a phenomenal platform to reach clients with your latest coatings.

That’s because email takes commitment.

Your friend Sannie who liked your Facebook page because “she believes in you” showed no commitment by giving you a like.

But someone who entrusts their email to you really likes your product and service and wants to form a long term relationship with you.

But you don’t have to stress about creating email newsletters.

I create you an automatic newsletter system to which you may add up to 500 subscribers for free. And if you want, you can always upgrade later if your fans outgrow your entry-level package.

I also add a signup box to your website where website visitors can sign up for your newsletter.

Whenever you add new content to your site, they get a beautiful email sharing your new content.

Search engine marketing

Are you featuring on search engines like Google?

People ask their friends and family on Facebook where they should go for that coating they desperately need for their home or furniture, but they go onto Google too.

These are some of the search queries they perform on Google:

  • buy paint near me
  • what is the best paint for outside walls
  • how much does paint cost
  • plascon paint
  • dulux paint prices
  • exterior paint specials

If you have a great website you could set it up to feature for those terms.

If not, your competition who had the smarts to get a website is laughing at you and getting more queries.

You might say, “but we don’t sell Dulux.”

To which I’d reply, “that doesn’t matter.”

You could be using those phrases on your site to your advantage.

In other words, if your brand is better, write about it. That way you’re creating content Google will index. And the more quality articles you get indexed, the more traffic you get.


A paint shop with Gmail or Yahoo email addresses looks as professional as a car painted with a brush.

With my web design package you set up as many email addresses as you like, your hosting space being the only limit.

And your hosting space won’t be influenced at all if you set up your emails using POP.


Your paint shop website comes with Google Analytics, but to make analytics as easy and understandable for you as possible, you also receive a weekly report with important data.

It includes the search phrases people used to get to your site, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

You’ll also see some social media metrics.

Your website also has a search box. But this box records what people who use it search for.

Say for instance you’ve been pushing a new mauve colour, but you notice website visitors searching for khaki.

This tells you to start adding content about khaki paints.

Mobile friendly

Your paint shop website fits nicely onto any screen size, mobile, tablet or desktop.

It’s annoying to visit a website and you have to pinch and zoom to see what’s going on.

Even if your website shows only contact details, you shouldn’t have to struggle to see it.


You’d think my web design package is insanely expensive, like this fancy office chair.

It probably won’t, but I’m not cheap.

You get a premium marketing package designed to get you more leads through more channels.

That means you’ll pay a premium price.

But if the return on investment is good, does it matter what you pay? It shouldn’t,


If you don’t have a good-looking, practical website for your paint company, you’re missing out on serious marketing opportunities.

My website package lets you reach people in three places.

Best of all, you bring those people onto your website where you can get them to do what you want them to do.

Get yourself a great marketing package at an excellent price and start getting more paint buyers through your door.

Book a consultation.

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