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You offer welding, sheet metal work, lathe turning, milling, precision engineering and general manufacturing. Perhaps your manufacturing includes electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics too.

Your work is top notch and you don’t accept the release of faulty goods.

But how can you get more prospects to contact you for their manufacturing needs?

Are you missing out on clients?

How do you currently find clients? Mostly word of mouth?

Or perhaps you have a Facebook page you post your completed projects to.

Maybe you advertise in the local newspaper, magazine or booklet on a regular basis.

Perhaps you even have a little website where you’ve added some details of the work you do. But you don’t use it as anything more than a simple business card. You hardly get enquiries from it, so you don’t even bother keeping the details up to date.

Maybe it’s time you got a website that helps you market to more people; a website that works at getting more enquiries.

What can a manufacturing workshop do with a website?

The most important thing is that your contact details are easily available.

You’re not going to use your website to sell items like Amazon (although that’s entirely possible).

Your website will act as a lead generator.

You want people to visit your website from a number of places. That includes social media like Facebook, search engines like Google and from their email inboxes.

There are a number of ways to get people from those platforms to your website and it’s my job to help you do so.

One way is to use paid advertising. In other words, advertise your service through paid ads on Google and Facebook.

This is an excellent short term strategy. The problem is, the moment you switch off those ads your traffic stops quicker than a milling machine in the middle of a 20mm cut during load shedding.

What you need to do is add content to your own website so you can steadily build an online profile that performs well all on its own, without the aid of paid ads.

You do that by adding your completed projects to your website and showing prospects how you sorted out your clients’ headaches.

By doing so you look like an expert. You are an expert, but you also need to look the part.

And when you look like an expert, people will want to deal with you.

Email marketing

It’s still one of the best ways to reach prospects and customers. It puts your message right inside one of the places that’s hardest to reach—their email inbox—because people are stingy with giving away their email addresses.

Here’s how it works.

I set up an email newsletter system that sends out your latest content to signups automatically.

All you do is keep adding content to your site, which keeps building your reputation as the foremost manufacturing company to deal with.

You may add up to 500 people to your new newsletter for a start. That’s a lot of people at a low cost and you can always upgrade later.

Search engine marketing

You won’t believe how much free traffic search engines will send your way if your website is optimised and performing well.

These are some of the search terms people use to find manufacturing workshops like yours:

  • manufacturing companies
  • manufacturing companies in south africa
  • steel manufacturing companies in south africa
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in south africa
  • manufacturing workshop
  • manufacturing workshops near me
  • machining companies near me
  • electrical discharge machining
  • precision engineering shops
  • engineering shops near me

If you offer any of the services above you could be featuring in Google.

The only way to do so if you don’t want to spend a penny doing it, is to consistently add valuable, relevant content to your website.

You’ll keep building up your online profile as a powerhouse of engineering and look like the go-to company for manufacturing.

And if you don’t think you’ll be able to do it yourself, hire me to do it. You send me pics of your engineering projects, details of those projects and I’ll create professional news items that’ll increase your traffic. See more about my content creation services.


A manufacturing shop using Gmail or Yahoo email addresses will probably not be considered unprofessional. As long as your work is top quality people won’t mind emailing you at a Gmail address.

But if you want professional-looking branded email addresses my package allows you to set up as many as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

But if you use POP to set up your email you won’t have to worry about wasting hosting space.


If you want to know what the market wants and what the market expects from your manufacturing workshop, you need metrics.

That’s why your website comes with Google Analytics installed. And you may check your analytics at any time you wish.

But if you want a more streamlined way of staying on top of what people want, opt for the weekly analytics report.

It comes with information like which keywords brought people to your site and which pages they visited.

Your website also comes with a search box that records what people search for when they use it. This is a great way to see what people expect from you.

In other words, if you’re marketing one type of manufacturing heavily but you notice people searching for another, you might want to consider adding content reflecting the fact that you can help them.

Mobile friendly

Your manufacturing workshop website will look great on any screen, whether it’s viewed on a desktop, a tablet or a phone.

If someone visits your website on their phone and your website doesn’t scale properly, it’ll only frustrate that person.

They want to see details like your phone number and pictures of your projects. If these details aren’t easily viewed they’ll simply click the back button and find another website that makes it easy for them to see what’s on offer.

That’s why it’s important that your website is mobile friendly.


You might think a marketing package that gives your manufacturing workshop all these benefits comes at a hefty price, like this really cool, super expensive chair that you probably won’t be able to afford.

And it might.

It all depends on your needs.

If you just want a static little website that desperately tries to compete with the big boys but fails abysmally, you’ll pay peanuts.

You won’t pay peanuts here though.

I’m not cheap but I also don’t give you a piece of junk website that’s as useful as a lathe without a chuck.

It’s best to contact me for a quote so I can get you set up and going.


You might be getting plenty of clients through your adverts in the local newspaper, magazine or booklet.

You might also be getting enquiries through social media like Facebook.

Perhaps someone stumbles upon your website every now and then and decides to contact you, despite it being old and rusty.

All of those are great, but with my marketing package you can reach more people through more marketing channels from a single place.

Book a consultation today and see how you can get more eyeballs on your manufacturing work.

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