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Your knives are metallurgical masterpieces.

You spend hours forming them from your chosen materials and hours finishing them off to be perfect in every way.

You like nothing more than when someone picks up your work to admire it from every angle.

But how can you get more fans buying your works of art?

Are you missing out on clients?

Perhaps you take pictures of your knives and post them to Facebook.

Perhaps you even post them to Instagram.

And you get positive affirmation from friends and family who follow you and like and share your work.

But does social media offer the only channels for marketing?

Perhaps you own a website. But like a broken Okapi it’s just lying there, useless other than to make people who stumble across it wonder why it hasn’t been discarded of yet.

Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about how you can get the attention of more people by using a website that works.

What can a knife maker do with a website?

If you’re serious about selling more knives you’ll want people to get hold of you.

This seems like a simple point, but it can’t be stressed enough. Your contact details must be easily seen on your website.

And if you have a walk-in shop where people can view your work, or even if you let people visit you at home to see your range of beautiful works, you’d do well to place a map on your site.

But a great website offers far more than just being a contact point.

A great website lets you speak to knife lovers, prospects and customers as regularly as you want to.

And if you’re serious about sales, you should be speaking to people all the time.

Draw people into your world by enthralling them with your latest creations. Do that by posting articles about your latest finished creations or carry them along as you take them from start to finish in your knife creation process.

In other words, create articles on your website.

It’s not difficult to create articles.

If you can create Facebook posts you can add articles to your website.

But there’s a fundamental reason why it’s better to post to your website, as opposed to sticking everything on Facebook. You’ll see what that is, further down below.

And if you simply can’t get yourself to post articles, hire me to do it. Send me your pics and the technical details behind your creations and I’ll create fantastic articles for you.

Email marketing

You’ll have to search far and wide to find a better marketing channel than email, despite what people say about it.

Think about it: when someone likes or shares a picture of one of your knives on social media, what’s the commitment? 20 seconds looking at your masterpiece, another two seconds to like and five seconds to share?

After that they move on. And tomorrow, when Facebook once again changes their algorithm your knife doesn’t even appear in their feed!

But if someone gives you their email address they’re committing to hear from you whenever you send out knife news.

That’s why I create you an email newsletter system to which you may add up to 500 subscribers for a start. And you can always upgrade later should you need to.

I also add a signup form to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses, after which they’re added to your newsletter automatically.

Whenever you post an articles about your latest knife to your website it’s shared with email subscribers in a beautiful email that lets them click through to your website where you can have them take an action designed to bring you more sales.

You don’t have to sit and create email newsletters. Do you know how long that takes? No, rather automate.

Search engine marketing

Search engines are a fantastic source of endless traffic if you target them correctly.

And with the lopsided attention given to social media these days you’d do well to quietly slip in with a great website that’s geared towards making your knives shine on Google.

But before you commit to getting a great website from me, do this test: check Google for keywords related to your niche.

Here are a few:

  • custom knives near me
  • handmade knives pretoria
  • handmade knives south africa
  • handmade biltong knives
  • damascus steel kitchen knives south africa
  • fixed blade knives south africa
  • buy knives near me
  • fixed blade knives south africa
  • self defence knives south africa
  • second hand knives for sale in south africa
  • knives for sale gauteng
  • kitchen knives south africa
  • pocket knives for sale

Are you featuring for any of those searches?

But before you say, “I don’t live in Pretoria,” or, “I don’t make self defence knives,” or, “I definitely don’t make kitchen knives,” look at the traffic potential from those searches.

You don’t have to make something to speak of it. I’m speaking with you about your custom knives, and although I sharpen knives, I don’t make custom knives.

You could be drawing attention to your own custom knives by writing about knives in general.

And remember, if the thought of creating content makes you feel all dull, hire me to do it for you.


A knife maker with a Gmail or Yahoo account looks kind of gritty; like he doesn’t care about technology, only about making more beautiful knives.

People might actually like that.

But if you’d like to have a branded email address, no problem.

With my web design package you may set up as many email addresses as you like, your hosting package size being the only limit.


Your knife site comes with Google Analytics.

And you’re welcome to access those analytics whenever you wish.

But you also get a weekly report, which sends out a report with metrics like who visited your website from where, and which pages they used.

It also shares the keywords they used to get to your website, as well as some social media metrics.

Your knife website also has a search box that records what people search for if they use it.

Have you any idea how powerful that is?

This is the market literally telling you what they expect from you.

Mobile friendly

Your website will look great on any size screen, whether mobile, desktop or tablet.

You want people to gawk in awe at your knives, not pinch and zoom to try and make out what you’re selling.


You’d think a custom website for your custom knives would set you back the price of this seriously fantastic titanium knife.

Could be.

Depends largely on your needs.

But I’m not cheap.

That’s because you get a premium website that comes fully loaded with everything you need to market to a wide audience and is geared for long term success.


You could post pics of your knives to social media and enjoy the attention you get there; the non-committal attention that takes no effort and doesn’t really mean sales at the end of the day.

Or you could invest in a website that’s geared towards helping you do well in search engines and helps you market to three channels from a single place.

Book a consultation, get my marketing package today and get more people drooling over your knives.

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