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Your shop is a veritable gleaming wonderland, with diamond rings, diamond bracelets, pearl necklaces, gold watches and all sorts of other beautiful and shiny items.

When people walk through your door, provided they’re not wearing balaclavas, you know you’ll bless them with something special for what is obviously a grand occasion, whether a birthday or a wedding; whether for Christmas or an anniversary.

But are you getting enough patrons at your jewellery store?

Are you missing out on clients?

Perhaps you’re quite active on social media, always liking and sharing other people’s posts, while also posting your jewellery there for others to like and share.

And they do; your jewellery seems to elicit a good amount of attention.

It makes you happy.

But are those likes and shares converting to more people walking through your door?

Are enough people contacting you through your Facebook page?

Perhaps you own a website, but like a faux pearl it looks exquisite, but isn’t really worth anything.

Perhaps it’s time you look at getting a website that’ll get more people enquiring about your exquisite jewellery.

What can a jeweller do with a website?

One of the goals of a great website is to get people to make contact. In other words, it’s supposed to generate interest and leads.

Therefore, your contact details should be highly visible, and if you have a walk-in shop, which is mostly the case with jewellers, you should have a map sharing your location.

But that’s just the start.

Once your website is up and running, use it to share your products with the world.

You could be adding short snippets about a variety of jewellery you sell at your store.

And it’s not difficult to add content to your website.

If you can share a post to Facebook, you can share a post to your website. But sharing it to your website has a much longer shelf-life, as tests have proven over the years.

Furthermore, you can set up your website with different categories, each one targeting a specific type of jewellery.

You could have a category for rings; one for necklaces; another for earrings; and so on.

You can further organise your information according to material types. You could add gold, silver, pearl, metal and plastic to help arrange your site even better.

If you do this you’ll create a powerful content structure hard for humans and search engines to ignore.

And if creating content is something outside of your scope, hire me to do it. That way you’re investing in building your website with well written content geared towards better search engines results. More about my content service.

Email marketing

Email is a wonderful way to share your latest jewellery news with prospects and clients.

Here’s how it works…

I add a signup form to your website where people can add their names and email addresses, after which they’re added to your newsletter system automatically.

Whenever you add content to your website in the form of a write up of a new piece of jewellery, your email subscribers receive a beautiful email with your post’s main image and some of the text you added. When they click on the image they’re taken to your website where you can hook them with a sales pitch.

You may add up to 500 subscribers with this package and you can always upgrade later.

But 500 people is a good amount of contacts to regularly connect with about your gorgeous jewellery.

Search engine marketing

Google could be an incredible source of traffic for your jewellery store.

If you use your website correctly and you make work of targeting Google correctly you could drive serious business through it.

Here are some of the searches people do in the jewellery niche:

  • cheap jewellery stores
  • online jewellery stores south africa
  • jewelry stores
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  • buy rings online
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  • buy necklace online
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  • necklaces for her
  • buying earrings online
  • personalised name necklace
  • buy earrings online
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  • earrings south africa
  • rose gold earrings
  • diamond earrings for sale

Are you featuring for any of those searches?

You could be.

But you may be thinking, “I don’t do personalised necklaces,” or, “we don’t sell jewellery online,” or, “we certainly do not sell cheap jewellery,” or have some other objection.

But don’t miss out on the opportunities those search phrases grant you to feature in Google.

Just because you don’t sell something doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it.

For instance, if you write a series of articles on cheap jewellery and the pitfalls associated with it, you’ll be drawing attention as an expert on the subject; an expert worth paying attention to.

You might be an expert; perhaps you’re the expert of experts on jewellery. But if no one knows it no one will pay attention.

The idea is to make more people aware of your expertise so they’ll reach out and give you their trust.


A jeweller with a Yahoo or Gmail accounts does not inspire trust.

But fear not. With my web design package you can set up as many email addresses as you want, your hosting package size being the only limit.

That way you’ll build a little more trust with your website.

And if you set up your emails using POP you won’t have to worry about running out of hosting space.


Your jewellery website comes with Google Analytics.

It’s a great way to see what’s happening on your website.

But you also get a weekly report, which shares important data like who comes to your site, which pages they visit and which search phrases brought them there.

Your website also contains a search box that records searches made by anyone who lands on your website and uses it.

It’s a great way to see what people expect from you and can even help you become more market oriented with your jewellery store.

Mobile friendly

Your website will look gorgeous on any size screen.

You don’t want people to have to squint to make out your jewellery or details about a piece of jewellery.


So what will you pay for a website with all of this functionality?

Would you be paying the price of this serious piece of writing equipment?

It depends.

If you want a marketing package that’s geared towards reaching more people and geared towards getting more people to actually contact you, not just like and share, you’ll pay a premium.


You could post your jewellery to Facebook and receive likes and shares; you’ll get leads from Facebook.

You could even plod on with a static website not designed to do anything but sit there like a fake watch.

Or you could book a consultation, get yourself my fantastic marketing package and start reaching more people from a single place.

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