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If Andre the Giant Has a Posse gets your grey matter tingling, you take your graffiti with a hoodie and you swoon at the latest news of a new Mac or iPhone, you might just be a graphic designer.

You thrive on brush strokes—digital or real—and java, and although you give the client what they want, you’re often at odds with their ridiculous ideas.

But clients pay the bills.

So how can you get more of them through your door?

Are you missing out on clients?

Is Facebook like a little haven for you? Or perhaps you shun Facebook in favour of Instagram.

But it’s the same thing.

You use it to showcase your delicious design work and revel in the attention you (rightfully) get.

Can’t get enough of those mini dopamine spikes.

Maybe you have a static website sitting somewhere in a corner on the internet, not doing much else other than looking pretty. But not really useful.

What if you’re missing out on attention? What if you’re missing out on more work?

Perhaps it’s time you got yourself a website that helps get the word out on your design work.

What can a graphic designer do with a website?

You’d want your contact details available so people can easily get hold of you.

If you have a dedicated studio you’d want the location to be visible, maybe on a Google map.

But you could also turn your graphic design website into a marketing monster by sharing your latest work to it.

And if you’re really keen on setting yourself apart as a graphic designer of note you’d want to add articles about your niche.

Share some tips with business owners on how they can use basic design knowledge to ensure they always put their best foot forward.

If you set yourself apart as an expert people will take note and appreciate you. And then they’ll contact you for a quote. And once they start working with you they won’t be able to shake your genius.

Email marketing

Email is a fantastic medium for reaching clients.

You know some of your best work comes from existing clients, because you build a relationship with them, have all of their design creative on file and know exactly what they want.

So building an email list is obviously a good move for a graphic designer.

That’s why I set up an email newsletter system for you to which you may add up to 500 people for a start. You can upgrade later if needs be.

I also add a sign up box to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses.

From there they’re automatically added to your newsletter system.

But you don’t have to build emails yourself. If you’re a designer I’m sure you have experience putting together an email newsletter.

It’s a mission, the manual way.

With my way all you do is keep adding articles to your website or your latest work to your portfolio. It’s sent to subscribers automatically in a professional-looking email with a link back to the original article.

Search engine marketing

Google is a powerhouse for driving traffic to your design business.

Here are some searches related to the graphic design niche:

  • graphic designer near me
  • graphic design near me
  • logo graphic designer near me
  • graphic design shops near me
  • t-shirt graphic designers near me
  • local graphic designers
  • graphic design companies
  • graphic design agencies near me
  • logo design companies near me
  • logo design prices
  • logo design free
  • logo design online

You’ll notice a “logo design free” search term, as well as “logo design online”.

And you might think, “we’re definitely not free and those online logo design services allow people to come up with absolutely horrendous logos!”

You’ve nailed it!

Because you know how dangerous a design tool is in the hands of an average business owner, you could write articles about why people shouldn’t design their own logos, and how a free logo makes a business look unprofessional and silly.

When you write this sort of content and add it to your website you’re doing two things: you start competing in search engines for the terms you’re writing about and you make yourself look like the expert graphic designer you are.


A graphic designer with a Gmail or Yahoo account probably conveys a rebellious, gritty tone many of your clients would appreciate.

But if you want, you may set up as many branded email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

Set up your emails using POP and your hosting package size limit doesn’t matter at all.


Your website comes with Google Analytics installed.

This is probably one of the most important aspects of a website: knowing who visits it and what they’re looking for.

But every week you’ll also receive an analytics report displaying important information about who visited your site and how they got there.

Your website also has a search box that records what website visitors search for if they use it.

It’s an invaluable tool for determining what the market wants from you.

Mobile friendly

Your website will look great on any size screen, whether on mobile, desktop or tablet.

You want your design portfolio to shine. And since most people visit websites on mobile these days, you don’t want them to pinch and zoom to see your magnificent work.


With a sweet package like this that allows you to reach out to people on three different platforms, you’d expect to pay the price of this psychotically priced pen.

And it might end up costing you quite a bit, since I’m not cheap.

That’s because you’re getting a marketing package geared towards helping you reach more people over the long run.

You could get yourself a cheap website, but you’ll always have to wonder what you’re NOT getting by making a decision based on price.


You’ll get enquiries for your design work from Facebook and other social media platforms.

You’ll also get people contacting you through your static website, if they happen upon it.

But if you get one of my marketing packages you have a platform through which you can reach clients and prospects through three channels from a single point you’re the creative director of (and the boss).

Book a consultation now.

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