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One of the delights of your day is opening your flower shop.

It’s like all the flowers in your shop laboured through the night to amass a delicious scent of flavours that bursts into your nostrils the moment you nudge open the door.

You draw a deep breath and the smell brings a sparkle to your eye.

Inside the shop a row of roses sits waiting for your next customer to beckon them to glory.

Over there are the delphiniums, patiently awaiting the touch of their master. Alongside them carnations and lilies form a spectacular array of colours.

Today you’ll make a variety of floral arrangements and compositions, including bouquets, nosegays and who knows how many other wonderful creations.

And as many arrangements, as many different types of people.

You might meet a happy mother floating through your door, looking for something for her daughter’s birthday.

Or a remorseful husband might shuffle in to buy his wife a gift basket filled with flowers and chocolate.

Perhaps a teenager with love in his eyes will pop in to get his girlfriend a beautiful bunch of roses to declare his undying love.

You have flowers for every conceivable occasion: anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, condolence, congratulations, friends, get well, new baby, romance, thank you.

But how do you market your wonderful creations to the world?

Are you reaching every corner you can reach online?

Are you missing out on clients?

Perhaps you’re an active social media user.

You post to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

You’ve grown a considerable following too. And you’re proud of the likes and shares your flower shop posts attract.

But did you know you’re missing out on at least two other channels?

By making a few small changes you can attract far more attention, and dare I say, better quality attention to your business.

Because you must draw the attention of the right people if you want to grow your flower business.

What can you do with your florist website?

With a website from me your flower shop will really shine.

Your contact details will be liberally posted all over your site, and it’ll have a map to showcase your location.

But it’s the marketing power that’ll really set apart your flower shop website.

My websites allow my clients to add content to their heart’s content, much like adding content to a Facebook business page.

Want to show off a new bunch of flowers? Go ahead and do it. Want to add an article about another happy client who bought a gift hamper from you? Absolutely possible.

You may add (almost) as much info to an article as you wish. And you can upload images to your articles too, to really make them pop.

You can also categorise your articles.

This is a powerful way to organise content and works really well for showing people and Google how to best use your website.

You could set up your website to have the following categories (and more):

  • Bouquets
  • Flower tips
  • Wedding flowers

Now you can post articles to those categories whenever you wish.

You’ll slowly start building more and more credibility. You’ll start looking like the professional florist you are.

This is important in the online world. You’ll need trust to build your flower shop’s online profile.

But there’s something else your website can do for you.

Email marketing

You might think running email campaigns is a difficult, time consuming thing to do.

Not so with one of my web design packages.

I set up your email newsletter to work automatically.

All you do is keep posting lovely articles to your website.

Those articles are sent out in a beautiful email with your article’s main image.

I also set up a subscription page on your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses.

Do you see how powerful this is? Likes and shares require NO commitment. But someone giving you their email address shows a far deeper level of commitment.

Now you can speak to them via email, one of the last sacred spaces in our wildly connected world. And it’s automatic.

Search engine marketing

People love search engines.

They might go onto Facebook asking their friends and local community for flower shop suggestions, but they’ll also go onto Google looking for flower shops.

Popular queries in your niche might include “flower shops near me”, “buy flowers”, “buy flower bouquet”, “Valentine’s day gifts”, “buy roses” or a myriad other.

Are you featuring for any of those search phrase?

You should be.

And the best way to feature for those phrases is to get a website and start adding articles.

But if you’re not keen on adding articles yourself you can hire me to do it. Send me pics and some basic info and I’ll spin a story that’ll make interested people want to contact you. Learn more about my content creation service.


Set up as many email addresses as you want with your new domain name. The only limit is your hosting space.

But you could always set up your emails to not be stored on the server, which means it’ll be a long while before you run out of hosting space, if that ever happens at all.


Your flower shop website comes with Google Analytics installed. You’re granted access to your analytics, should you want to take a closer look.

But every week you’ll receive a beautiful report that shows you which search phrases brought people to your website, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

You’ll also see some social media metrics.

There’s one more, simple, yet uber-powerful thing.

Your website shows what people search for when they use your website’s search function.

Say for instance you’re writing articles about roses, but you notice website visitors searching for geraniums, you could start writing about geraniums to ensure that you’re giving the market what it wants.

Mobile friendly

Your floral website will be mobile friendly.

There’s nothing more irritating than visiting a website on your phone and you have to pinch and zoom to read something or to get a better look at a picture.

That won’t happen on your website.


Given the immense value you receive you’d expect my websites to be super expensive, like this fountain pen with a price tag that’ll make you gasp for air.

And that might be the case. It all depends on your needs.

One thing though: I’m not cheap.

You’re not getting a fly-by-night “social media ninja” marketing package.

You’re getting a website with analytics and the ability to show you which way you should turn your marketing efforts.


When you get yourself a mobile friendly, search engine optimised website you’re opening at least three marketing channels from a single place.

It lets you add articles with beautiful images. Furthermore, you can arrange your articles into categories, boosting your content structure and making people and Google happy.

It’s a beautiful bouquet that’ll leave a sweet smell with your clients, prospects and search engines.

Book a consultation today and let me get your more clients.

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