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The line tightens and the rod doubles over.

The reel starts screaming as the line strips off at lighting speed.

You can see your client’s adrenal glands work overtime by the way his arms tense up.

He’s in for a long battle and he’ll be exhausted once it’s done, but he’ll never forget the thrill your outfit afforded him.

How can you get more people to choose you for their fishing experience?

Are you missing out on clients?

Are you a social media user?

Perhaps you love posting pics of your fishing adventures to Facebook.

And people love to see your pics. They like and share your things regularly.

And you even get the odd request for more info.

Perhaps you even have a little website where you advertise your business, but it’s not really anything more than a glorified pamphlet. When people come across it they don’t feel inspired to make contact.

Perhaps it’s time to look at a proper website that’s geared towards helping you reach more people.

What can a fishing charter business do with a website?

The first and obvious information you’d post to your website is contact details.

You want people to book, after all.

You’d also add a map if you want people to visit your office.

Then you’d add some background information about yourself and your crew. This helps build trust with people who visit your website.

But you can also use your website to add content in a similar way you’d post to Facebook.

The major difference between posting to Facebook and posting to your own website is that a post to your website will have a far greater lifespan than one posted to Facebook. More on that, later.

Whenever you’re on a fishing trip with some clients, take pics and tell your story. But instead of telling it on Facebook, post it to your website.

If you offer different types of fishing, like freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing, you could create categories on your website. That way you create a powerful information structure people and Google will love, because you make it easy for them to understand your fishing charter business.

The more good quality posts you add to your website, the better you’ll start performing in Google.

And posting to your website’s not much different than posting to Facebook. You take pics, add a sliver of text, add a headline and submit. But instead of building someone else’ website (Facebook) you’re building your own.

But if adding content to your website makes you go bleak, hire me to do it. Send me your pics and trip info and I’ll turn them into desirable pieces of content people will love. Learn more about my content creation service.

Email marketing

Email is a fantastic way to speak to fishing charter prospects and existing charter customers.

It’s easy for anybody to like your Facebook posts.

But what are those likes worth?

Do you really think Sarah de Jager liking your fishing pics means anything?

She’s stuck in an old age home in the middle of the Karoo. She’s not going to go fishing ever again, therefore her likes and shares won’t bring you a client.

You might say, “but if Sarah’s an influential person with lots of friends, they’ll see her liking our post and that’s worth gold, you fool.”

Fool’s gold, I’d say. More on that later.

When you’ve got someone’s email address you can reach them at a place where they only want to be disturbed by someone who has something valuable for them.

In other words, if they let you into their sacred email inbox space they’re telling you they want to hear from you.

That’s far more commitment that a Facebook like.

Search engine marketing

Google is a great website traffic source.

People might ask their friends and family on Facebook for fishing charter recommendations, but they’ll most certainly go onto Google to search for your company too.

Here are some searches people perform in your niche:

  • fishing charters near me
  • fishing charters
  • deep sea fishing
  • experience fishing like a local
  • things to do near me
  • river fishing charters
  • fishing charters prices
  • fishing spots
  • river fishing packages
  • camping and fishing
  • fishing accommodation

Are you featuring for any of those searches?

You could be, and for many of them, maybe even most, you should be.

You might think I’m crazy for suggesting you feature for something like “fishing accommodation” when you don’t offer fishing accommodation.

But you’re missing the point.

You don’t have to offer something to mention it on your website.

You could write a whole article or a series of articles about accommodation fit for fishermen around your area and then punt your own business as the best fishing charter in the region.

You’re creating more opportunities to feature in Google.

And I repeat: if you’re not comfortable adding content to your site, hire me to do it.


A fishing charter company with a Yahoo or Google account probably won’t put off people too much.

When they see your email address they’ll probably think the owner of this company’s not interested in peripheral things, only getting into the water to fish.

But you can set up as many email addresses for your business as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

And if you set up your email using POP you won’t have to worry about wasting hosting space.


Your fishing charter website comes with Google Analytics, which you’re welcome to check whenever you wish.

But you also get a weekly report that shares details like which keywords brought people to your website, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

It also shares some social media info.

Your website also contains a search box that records what people search for when they land on your website.

That’s a great way to see what type of fish people would like to catch, or where they’d like to go fishing. You can capitalise on insights like that by providing relevant information.

Mobile friendly

Your charter website will look great on any screen: desktop, mobile or tablet.

You don’t want website visitors to squint at that little picture of a big white-edged rock cod or kabeljou.


A fishing charter website won’t cost you the price of this insanely expensive office chair. Probably not.

But I’m not cheap.

That’s because you get a premium marketing package, not just a website.

See, this package gives you the opportunity to speak to many prospects across three different channels.

And because it’s geared for the long term, you should see a great increase in enquiries for years to come.


Don’t get caught in the net of social media marketing only.

There are at least two other channels you’re not reaching if you focus only on Facebook.

Book a consultation to see how I can help you reach more potential fishing clients for the same amount of work it takes to build a social media presence.

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