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You light up the lives of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people in your line of work.

Without you their evenings will be dark and boring and their days spent sans caffeine, comfort food and heat.

You have a serious role to play in modern society.

But how can you get more clients to call you?

Are you missing out on clients?

Perhaps you’re an ardent Facebook user. (Or substitute Facebook for any other social media platform.)

Maybe you show off your electrical skills by posting completed projects, displaying to the world how you solve problems and sort out people’s electrical headaches.

Maybe you even have a little website that works about as well as a match stick in loadshedding. You’ve long forgotten about it, much less use if for actual marketing.

Maybe it’s time you look at getting a proper website that’s geared towards helping you look like the expert electrician you are.

What can an electrician do with a website?

If you’re an electrician you probably live with your phone glued to your ear. That’s why it’s important to have your phone number and other contact details easily available on your website.

If you service only a certain area it’s important for people to know, even before they contact you. This helps cut down on dud calls.

If you sell electrical goods from your home or an office or shop you’d want a map on your website clearly indicating your location.

But if you want to reach more people you can use your website as a way to display your projects, as well as your knowledge in the field of electricity, to prove to people you’re the electrician of choice.

Whenever you’re busy with a project or you’ve completed one, take some pics and share it to your website. It’s similar to posting it to Facebook, but with a much longer shelf life (read down below about how useless free social media marketing really is).

If you have tips on how to save electricity, share it to your website.

When you share projects and tips you’re doing a number of things, two of which are: you make yourself look like the expert you are and you show that you care for people.

That’s an irresistible combination for drawing more clients.

And if you cringe at the thought of adding content to your website, hire me to do it.

This is how it’ll work…

You take pics of a project you completed or before and after pics of a problem you solved for a client.

Then you send those pics to me with some details about the project or problem you solved.

I add it to your website in a professional manner.

If you do this regularly you’ll see an increase in traffic and an increase in enquiries.

Learn more about my content marketing service.

Email marketing

What’s one of the best places to reach clients and prospects?

Why, their email inbox, of course!

Yes, despite what some “pundits” say about email, it’s not dead. In fact, it’s still one of the most powerful ways to reach people.

If you choose the email marketing option I set up a sign up box on your website where website visitors can sign up with their names and email addresses.

This is automatically added to a newsletter system that sends out your latest website content.

In other words, you don’t have to manually create email newsletters. That’s a big deal because email newsletters take serious time to create.

You may add up to 500 subscribers to your newsletter for a start. That’s a good amount of people to send your message to.

Search engine marketing

One of the most powerful traffic sources in the world is Google. If you optimise your website and add great content to it Google will send you plenty of electrical clients.

Here are some of the searches people perform when they’re looking for an electrician:

  • wiring certificate
  • coc certificate price
  • electricians
  • electricians near me
  • electrical wiring contractor
  • electrical wiring contractors near me
  • electrical wiring services
  • electrical contractors
  • electrical wiring company
  • electrical contractor company

If you offer any of those services you could be featuring in Google for those keywords.

When you consistently add great content to your website that’s relevant to your niche, you’ll start ranking better.

Combined with analytics (more on that further below) it’s a great way to become a market leader.

And, as mentioned above, if you’re not comfortable adding content to your website you can hire me to do it.


An electrician using a Gmail or Yahoo account probably doesn’t look unprofessional. People expect you to do their wiring and electrical work right, not worry too much about brand building.

But if you want a branded email address you may set up as many email accounts as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

But if you use POP to set up your emails you needn’t worry about running out of hosting space at all.


I attach Google Analytics to your website at no extra cost and you’re welcome to access your analytics any time you wish.

But you’ll also receive a weekly analytics report.

It contains important information like which keywords brought people to your website and which pages they visited.

Your website also comes with a search box that records what people search for when they use it.

Let’s say someone visits your website and searches for “wiring certificate” but you’ve got no information about your ability to issue wiring certificates.

That person’ search won’t show any results. But now you can fix that by adding information about your competency to offer such a service.

The same goes for any other information.

If you’ve been showcasing small domestic projects on your website and people search for larger electrical services and you offer it, you can use their search information to add more relevant content to your website.

Mobile friendly

Your website will look great on any size screen.

If someone comes across one of your website’s pages on Google through their mobile browser and they click through to your website, they’d want to see what your website’s about without having to squint, pinch and zoom.

That’s why we’ll make your website work on mobile too.


Your website probably won’t cost the same as this incredible cordless, but depending on your needs it might.

You’re not getting “social media ninja”  nonsense. This is marketing that’ll help you make decisions directed at getting you more clients.

And although it’s not cheap, you can’t put a price on generating leads that’ll keep you busy for a long time to come.

But it’s best you get a quote.


If you post your work to Facebook you’ll find clients who’d like to make use of your electrical services.

If you have a static little website that’s about as useful as a blown light bulb people might stumble upon it and contact you for more information about your electrical work.

But if you get my marketing package you have the opportunity to speak to prospects and clients through three channels from a single point where you’re the boss of the information and you decide the action people must take to get hold of you.

Book a consultation and let’s help get more clients on your books.

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