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You might be quoting a homeowner on a septic and sewerage solution, or the local municipality on a new road, storm surge barrier, suspension bridge, weir or highway.

You love the idea of playing Lego on such a large scale.

But how do you get more clients to contact you for your civil engineering genius?

Are you missing out on clients?

Are you posting to Facebook and loving the likes and shares and comments congratulating your marvelous work?

That’s wonderful, but are the people showering you with likes and shares ever going to need your civil engineering services?

Tannie Sannie who lives in a flat and can hardly afford a packet of cigarettes but spends her days liking and sharing stuff on Facebook, is she going to get you to quote her on a drainage system?

If not, what is her like worth? Not much, eh?

Maybe you have a website you hardly use. It might look nice and it’s got some fancy images, but it just sits there, not performing well in search engines and not much visited by people.

And you think to yourself, “everyone’s on Facebook. At least we get likes and shares there. A website brings nothing to our business.”

Maybe it’s time you got yourself a website that works at actually marketing your civil engineering services.

What can a civil engineering company do with a website?

You’d want your website to act as a lead generator. In other words, you want to draw people to it then get them to contact you for a quote.

That’s why your website must contain your contact details loud and clear.

But if you want your civil engineering business to stand out from others, you can post your latest projects to it.

When you keep adding projects to it you’re showing people you can do the job. Simultaneously you’re also giving Google plenty of reason to index your content, which means you’ll increase your chance to perform well when someone googles civil engineering services and other searches related to your niche.

People trust experts, and by adding content to your website you’re establishing yourself as an expert.

If you can’t add content to your website because you’re simply too busy or don’t want to, hire me to do it for you.

That way you have your online profile built by an expert. This ensures that more and more people will contact you for your service.

Learn more about my content creation service.

Email marketing

An excellent way to reach people is still through email.

I set up a signup form on your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses. They’re automatically added to your newsletter.

Whenever you add content to your website it’s sent to them in a neat email with a link to your website.

That way you drive traffic to your website, where you choose what you want that traffic to do. This would be getting them to call or email you, or fill in a form for more info on your services.

You may add up to 500 people for a start, which is a good number of people to reach with your civil engineering services.

Search engine marketing

Google will send you serious traffic if you keep building up your website with great content.

Here are some searches people looking for civil engineers perform:

  • civil engineering services company
  • civil engineering consulting companies
  • civil engineering companies
  • civil engineering company
  • civil construction companies
  • black owned engineering companies in south africa
  • list of civil engineering companies
  • biggest civil engineering companies in south africa
  • civil engineering company name list
  • top 10 construction companies in south africa
  • list of construction companies in south africa

That’s a small sample of searches in your niche. Are you featuring for any of those? You could be.

But the only way to consistently feature for searches related to civil engineering is to keep adding quality content to your website.

That’s what my marketing package allows you to do.

And when you do you’ll see a steady increase in your Google rankings. And then the enquiries will come.

And if adding content is not your thing, hire me to do it. It’s a professional service geared towards getting you a lot of traffic over the long term.


A civil engineering company using Gmail or Yahoo email addresses won’t look as professional as when they use branded email addresses.

With my package you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

But if you set up your email using POP you don’t have to worry about wasting hosting space.


Your civil engineering website comes with Google Analytics installed.

This allows you to see crucial data like who came to your website and which pages they visited.

If you’re serious about growing traffic and leads, this is not the sort of thing you ignore.

But if you’re too busy to work your way through analytics, don’t stress. I send out a report every week that shows you some data to help you make decisions about your future online marketing efforts.

It comes with metrics like which keywords brought people to your website, which pages they visited and where they’re from.

It also shares some social media metrics.

Your website also comes with a search box that records what people who use it search for.

This is immensely powerful for knowing what the market wants.

Say for instance you’re pushing plenty of content to your website that covers reservoir and dam building but you see an increase in people searching for driveway paving.

This insight can help you decide whether you should start adding content to show those searchers you can help them.

Mobile friendly

Let’s create a scenario.

Leon is looking for a civil engineer to help him redesign his factory’s sewerage system.

At home he sits down in his armchair, pulls his phone from his pocket and starts googling for civil engineering companies.

Your website pops up.

He clicks your link and comes to your website.

But Leon is perplexed because he has to squint to try and make out what your website’s about.

Eventually he pinches and zooms in to see your text and images, but decides that it’s too much effort and leaves.

You’ve lost a great lead because your website doesn’t scale to Leon’s screen size.

That’s why it’s important that your civil engineering website is mobile friendly.


With all of this functionality you’d think your website will put you back the price of this insanely expensive personal tool, and it might just. Or it might even cost more.

See, just like you, I offer a premium service. It’s not some fly-by-night “social marketing ninja” nonsense. This is targeted marketing geared towards extracting data, analysing it and making online marketing decisions based on what the data says, not someone’s gut feeling.

So if you’re serious about getting more clients, cost won’t be an issue for you.


Your projects will look great if you share them to Facebook. People will like them. Your projects might even get some shares. You’ll also receive comments about how wonderful your engineering work is.

But if those likes, shares and comments don’t turn into leads and clients they’re worth nothing.

If you have a static website you’re not using to actively showcase your engineering work, you’ll still get people visiting it every now and then. How many of those will actually contact you is debatable.

If you advertise in the local newspaper or magazine people will most certainly make contact. But it’s a limited reach.

If you get my marketing package you’ll be able to reach people through three channels from a single point where you’re the boss and you’re in charge of your brand.

And you can have people take an action you want them to take. In other words, you can get them to call or email you.

Book a consultation today and let me help you get more clients for your civil engineering business.

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