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When people step into your bakery they’re transported to a place of wonder, their senses roused at the sights and smells conjured by your magical baking skills.

First they feast their eyes on your wondrous delicacies, then their salivary glands nudge their brain cells into overdrive. It’s like every baked good is clamouring for their every sense’s attention.

It’s not long before they’re overwhelmed and don’t know which of your marvellous creations to choose from!

Over here the donuts serenade your clientele with a sweet song. Just next to them the florentines gently whisper sweet nothings into their ears.

A freshly baked French loaf sends their senses on a jaunt down Île de la Cité while a handful of fresh samoosas coax them into a colourful world reminiscent of a Bollywood blockbuster.

Together your delicious goods gently hum a delicate harmony designed to lure patrons into your world of baked wonders. And once they’re there, they never want to leave.

But what should they choose?

Why, one of each, of course!

So they leave with a whole box of delicious baked goods.

You gave them a phenomenal experience. They’ll come back for more.

That’s what a good website does for your bakery. It lures the right people back to your offerings, time and again.

You might think a Facebook page is sufficient (and certainly, there is a way to do social media marketing right), but nothing beats a good website. (A Facebook post has a lifespan of five hours, while a good blog posts lasts for years.)

It’s like a convenience store muffin trying to compete with one of your handmade works. Although the convenience store muffin does its job, your masterpiece will always take top honours!

A website from me is like one of your homemade goods.

Your website isn’t just a bucket of mixed ingredients chucked into a pan, heated to 600 degrees Celsius and burnt to a crisp.

Your website is carefully constructed to make your bakery look as professional as it is.

With your images and some accompanying text, your site will do a fine job of creating an expectation. And when an expectation exists, expect a visit.

But maybe you’re not getting as many clients as you should…

Are you missing out on clients?

You probably love posting your baked goods to Facebook or Instagram. Or both.

But are you aware of at least two other platforms you’re not reaching if you’re not using a website for your bakery?

You’re missing out on search engine traffic and newsletter subscribers!

People still use Google when they search for things. This is especially true of local search.

So why not ensure your delightful baked goods are findable through search engines?

Imagine how good you’ll look if your website pops up for biscuits, bagels, rolls, buns, flatbread, brownies, cake, crackers, pies or tart!

People will think, “hmm, this bakery consistently creates scrumptious eats. I need to get me some!”

But you can take it a step further.

If you set up an email newsletter you can offer newsletter subscribers exclusive deals and offers, thereby ensuring that your loyal customers stay loyal. More on the newsletter below.

What can you do with your bakery website?

Your website comes with some serious marketing power baked in, should you choose all the ingredients available to you.

Use your blog to remind people about that golden oldie that’s still a firm favourite. Remember, if you write one good blog post about one of your items, it remains evergreen for a loooooooong time (unlike a Facebook post).

Or share a blog post about a new item you’ve spent a month working on and ask people to gooi a draai at your bakery to try it out.

Or perhaps you’d like to share some recipes (not all of them, of course, but some) in order to show the benevolent nature of your business. Your website’s a great place to do so. (Hint: this is GREAT for building trust and long term traffic.)

Just made another out-of-this-world birthday cake? Share it!

Your website is an oven set to the perfect temperature. You just need to get baking.

Email marketing

Email is still one of the most powerful methods to communicate with people.

Someone who likes one of your Facebook posts doesn’t invest much more than the click of a mouse button, but someone who entrust their name and email address to you wants to hear from you again.

I can set up your website with a newsletter system that automatically sends your blog posts to newsletter subscribers.

You’re allowed up to 500 subscribers for free. And to help you get to that number I set up a subscription page on your website.

Search engine marketing

Your website comes SEOd out the box.

However, the best way to build your bakery website into a long term investment is to regularly post content search engines will love.

This is easy to do with one of my WordPress websites.

Simply log in, create a new post, add a title, a main picture, your main body of text, an excerpt and, if you want, some gallery pictures.

Do this well, and do it consistently, and you’re on your way to becoming a baked goods search engine marketing guru.

Not confident enough to do it yourself?

Send me your pics and some data and I’ll post it for you. It might cost you more, but you know you’re getting a consistently well written article that helps build your online profile.

Learn more about my content creation service.


You could use a yourbakery@gmail.com email address, but an email address tied to your business name looks so much better.

With one of my packages you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting space being the only limit.

But if you set up your emails using POP you won’t use up your hosting space.


Your website comes installed with Google Analytics (to which I’ll gladly grant you access).

But included in the price is a simple custom report that goes out on a weekly basis.

This report shows you what people searched for to get to your website, which pages are most popular and even some social media metrics.

Another aspect of analytics is knowing what people search for when on your website.


Log into your website dashboard and you’ll see a summation of what people were searching for over the last week. If there are no searches, you’ve got work to do. It’s the perfect indication that you’re not getting enough traffic to your website.

Mobile friendly

Your website is built to look great no matter the screen size.

You don’t want people pinching their screens to view your baked goods.


My websites are not cheap.

When I walk into your bakery I expect to pay premium because I know you’ll sell me an excellent baked product.

OK, it won’t cost something like this madly expensive personal tool, but I won’t say it’s cheap either.

When you get a website from me you get a fat package ready to help you reach more people consistently over the long run.


You exert great effort to ensure that your bakery serves the best eats.

Why not ensure that your website looks as scrumptious as your baked goodies?

But your website won’t just look great, like a Styrofoam wedding cake.

It’ll form the basis for a powerful automatic marketing system that’ll help you target customers and prospects through at least three channels: social media, search engines and email.

Book a consultation and order a delectable website for your bakery. You won’t regret it.

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