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Your backpackers is a jol and travellers who’ve stayed there know it.

But how can you get more explorers to knock on your door for cheap accommodation?

Are you missing out on guests?

Do you post funny memes to Facebook in a bid to do some brand building? Maybe to show solidarity with travellers and accommodation seekers.

Maybe you post accommodation specials to your Facebook business page.

Maybe you have a static little website that’s of no use anymore.

But have you ever wondered if you’re not missing out on more traffic and consequently, more bookings?

Maybe it’s time to get a website that’s geared towards helping you do that.

What can a backpackers do with a website?

You’d obviously want your contact details loud and clear on the site, as well as a map of your location.

You’d also want all the details about your rooms added, as well as the amenities you offer. You want as much info on your site as possible.

But you can also use your site for marketing. That means you can constantly add new content to it and watch it grow into a powerhouse of backpacker information.

This is invaluable if you’re to get the attention of travellers and accommodation seekers.

Let’s say a big event is taking place in your region. You’d want to use the buzz to draw attention to your backpackers.

You could write an article entitled “6 Things You Can Do In Our Valley While Attending Bikefest”.

Provided there are bikers who make use of backpackers, you’ll find common ground, make yourself look like an expert on your area and consequently hook some guests.

There are a myriad of possibilities for pushing your backpackers accommodation using relevant content.

The beauty of content you add to your website is that it has a much longer lifespan than marketing added to other platforms like social media.

Email marketing

Creating email newsletters manually takes far too long.

You need a way to automate the whole process.

That’s what I offer.

Here’s how it works: you focus on adding great content to your website.

That’s it.

Whenever you add content to your website it goes out to email subscribers automatically.

The email contains the image you added to your content (you should always add an image) as well as a link back to your website.

Because when you drive people to your website you can make them take an action you want them to take, like make a backpacker accommodation booking.

Search engine marketing

Google will send your backpacker establishment an enormous amount of traffic if you woo him correctly.

Here’s what people search for when they’re looking for backpackers:

  • backpacker accommodation
  • backpacker accommodation south africa
  • backpacker accommodation in [your town]
  • cheap backpackers cape town
  • backpackers near me
  • backpackers western cape
  • cheap accommodation near me
  • cheap self catering accommodation in [your town]
  • accommodation gumtree
  • accommodation self catering
  • accommodation airbnb

Are you featuring for any of those searches? You should be, if you’re a valid candidate.

You might think, “we don’t advertise on Gumtree, so why would we want to say anything about it on our website?”

The point is, you’re given an opportunity to drive traffic using Gumtree’s name.

How can you capitalise on their name?

You could write an article or series of articles explaining how finding accommodation on Gumtree could lead to people being duped into losing their money.

You’ll look like an expert on the accommodation scene and people will trust you because you’re trying to protect them from being scammed.

Always think in terms of how you can use keywords to drive traffic to your backpackers.

And if you find it difficult to create content let me do it for you.

I can sit with you and create a content strategy that makes sense for your backpackers accommodation. Once we’ve settled on a strategy I can start adding content.

You’ll involve an expert content creator in your backpackers business, which means it’ll start growing a bigger online presence and draw more traffic.

Learn more about my content creation service.


A backpackers establishment with a Gmail account probably won’t be frowned upon. It might seem to travellers and accommodation seekers like you’re not worried about email addresses, but rather about giving them a great deal for their buck.

But if you want, you may set up as many branded email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

And if you set up your emails using POP you won’t easily run out of hosting space.


Your backpackers website comes with Google Analytics installed, which is the leading analytics platform in the world.

You can access your analytics at any time, and it’s good to check it regularly.

But you could also choose the weekly report which sends out an email with your site’s performance for the last seven days.

It also shares some social media information.

It’s a great tool for seeing which travel and accommodation keywords brought people to your website and which pages they viewed.

Your website also contains a search box that records what people search for when they use it.

This is a great way to see what travellers are expecting of your backpackers.

For instance, if you’re pushing free WiFi on your website but you notice people are searching for a swimming pool, you could add content about swimming at your establishment or a swimming pool that’s conveniently located nearby.

Mobile friendly

Your backpacker website will look great on any size screen.

Imagine a traveller googles for a backpacker on their phone and yours pops up on their screen.

You’d like that traveller to have a good experience on your site, not so?

You wouldn’t want them to have to pinch and zoom to see your offers.

That’s why your backpackers website will be mobile-friendly.


Your backpackers website won’t cost you the price of this personal tool that’s so expensive you’ll probably gasp.

It’s not going to be cheap, however, since you get what you pay for.

If you’re serious about driving traffic long term you need to invest serious cash.

But it’s a savvy thing to do, since you’ll show a great return on investment.


You’ll find guests on social media like Facebook or through Instagram or Twitter.

But if you want to get big numbers off of those social media platforms you’ll need to pay.

It’s not ideal.

Your static website might bring in some queries from foreigners who stray upon it.

But if you want to up your marketing game, get a marketing package from me that lets you reach prospects and guests on three platforms from a single hub where you choose which message you’d like to give them.

Book a consultation to discuss your needs and a solution to drive more foreigners to your backpackers.

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