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Your art is masterful.

You spend hours perfecting it.

You receive a blank canvas and, using the tools of your trade, transform it into something beautiful and awe inspiring.

People love your work.

And you love it when they tell you that your art brings meaning to their lives.

Are you missing out on fans?

But perhaps you’re missing out on quality fans.

Perhaps you have a personal Facebook account, or you have a Facebook page for your art.

And you post regularly.

And people like and share it.

So to you it seems that this social media marketing is working somewhat.

But there’s more to selling art than likes and shares.

You can’t spend your time hoping likes and shares turn into cash.

Your art, as beautiful as it is, must do more than wow people. It must put food on the table and petrol in your cabby.

How do you do that?

By doing more than social media marketing.

What can you do with your art website?

Since you’re in a game where visuals are of paramount importance, you’d need a website that allows you to share pictures of your work with your fans.

My websites are built on the trusty WordPress system, making it the perfect tool to brag about your art.

For instance, say you’ve just completed a commissioned art project for a client.

You can add an article explaining what the client wanted and how you turned their vision into reality.

You can share pictures of the project with website visitors too. As mentioned earlier, this would be an indispensable feature for an artist’s website.

Doing this is not difficult to learn.

I never tell people that a system they’re unfamiliar with is super easy to get the hang of, but like anything else in life, once you’re past the learning curve (which isn’t steep) of how to add articles and pictures to your website, you’ll have a powerful marketing tool at hand.

Or read on to see how I can help you with this task.

Email marketing

What a magnificent, timeless way to connect with fans!

Is there anything that beats email marketing? Some would say, “nooit nie!”

Some of the best marketers in the world still rely on email for a major chunk of their income, while others rely SOLELY on email for an income.

With my email marketing package I set you up with a system to which you may add up to 500 subscribers for a start.

But I also create a subscription page for your website, as well as signup popups. Not the annoying automatic pop ups. No, these open only when someone clicks a link to sign up for your newsletter.

Your website visitors can add their name and email address and receive news from you.

But remember, you don’t have to do anything to create newsletters.

Simply by posting articles (your latest artwork) to your website you’re creating an automatic newsletter that goes out at a predetermined time, daily or weekly.

Your automatic newsletter includes the main image you’ve added to your article, as well as a link to your article.

It’s a great way to get people to your website.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing and search engine optimisation are two the most abused niches.

For some reason many people fear SEM (and SEO). Some think it’s a mystical mulch of malice and avoid it altogether.

But here’s the simple truth about SEO and SEM: add quality articles to your website and you’ll do well.

The reason so many people perform well in search engines is because they add good, relevant content to their own website on a regular basis.

If you post your artwork to your website, people will start taking notice.

But if the idea of adding content to your website scares you, don’t stress.

I offer a content marketing package that works like this: send me your latest artwork, tell me a little about it and I post it to your website.

Read more about my content marketing service.

It builds your website and gives you the opportunity to grow an online presence that’ll send visitors through search engines too, not just Facebook.


Get yourself a professional email address connected to your domain name and you add another level of trust.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of online business. You must do everything necessary to increase your trustworthiness.

With a website from me you may set up as many email addresses as you like, your hosting package size being the only limit. But if you use POP to set up your email you don’t have to worry about the size of  your hosting package because POP lets you save server space.


I install Google Analytics for you, and you’re welcome to access it whenever you want.

But if you opt for the weekly report you’ll receive a good-looking report via email that gives you insights into which keywords brought visitors to your site, which pages they visited and where they’re from.

You also get some basic social media metrics.

But that’s not all. You also get a system on your website that shows what people are searching for when they use your website’s search function.

If you’re open to what the market wants you can use this as a measuring rod for what type of art people would like to see on your website.

Mobile friendly

This is pretty standard and should go without saying, but your website is mobile friendly, meaning it looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile.

The alternative is to keep it desktop size only and frustrate website visitors by forcing them to pinch and zoom to take in your content. It’s not desirable.


Whether you’re making Damien Hirst kind of cash or you refer to yourself as a starving artist, you’ll be astonished at how affordable my websites are.

It’s not cheap but it’s also not insanely expensive.

Best to contact me with your requirements.


Don’t let your art gather dust in a corner where social media is not allowing it to reach its full potential.

Opt for a great looking, professional website that works on all screen sizes and lets you market your art to three channels from a single location.

Get your marketing package and put your artwork in front of more eyeballs.

Book a consultation for more info.

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