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You’re a number cruncher.

And you’re competing against many other accounting firms. And to the man in the street, or to the business owner, you all look the same, with no distinct difference setting you apart.

In fact, so insignificant are you to some business owners, you’re only a “grudge” buy; there to offer obligatory accounting-related services.

But you can set yourself apart with a great online presence.

And by doing so you look like the expert you are, and you look like you’re actually going out of your way to make the “mystical” world of numbers easier to grok.

Are you missing out on clients?

But how are you marketing your business?

Chances are you own a Facebook business page (or at least a Facebook personal profile, if you’re a little less advanced) and you’re heartily posting your accounting business’ stuff to it.

It works. A little bit.

You get the odd query from someone looking to have their books checked or their tax done.

But do small businesses know you offer cash flow projections, audits, PAYE, Pastel assistance, UIF, SDL, payroll, EMP recons, compensation and related services?

And do they know you offer CC registration and setting up of trusts?

With a good website you can target people looking for those services on Google and other search engines.

But you can also target social media and email too. More on that, later.

What can you do with your accounting website?

You can use your accounting website to create landing pages for each one of your services.

But you can also add articles to your website.

You can make these articles (almost) as long as you wish. They can contain company news, job openings or financial advice.

Set up your website with proper categories, create an article calendar and post highly targeted articles that tie in with your landing pages.

For instance, you decide you want to write about how the man in the street can save cash.

This will make you look like someone who truly has their customer’s best at heart.

So you create an editorial calendar which forces you to post one article per week for 12 weeks.

You name the category “How to save money” and each week add a related article to it.

Soon you have a powerful section on your website that’s sure to draw more traffic.

But you don’t leave website visitors hanging.

You make sure there are plenty of calls to action on the site.

So if they land on your website through an article you posted to “How to save money” there’s a call to action. You make them contact you to learn more about your financial services.

You can do this for company registrations too.

Create a landing page named “Company registrations”.

Start adding content about company registrations to your news or blog system.

From those articles, point to your “Company registrations” landing page where you have a form or a phone number through which people can get hold of you to help them register a company.

It won’t be long before you have a rock solid online presence covering all the services you offer.

Email marketing

I’m not sure if you know, but email is still one of the best ways to reach prospects and clients. Perhaps THE best way.

It’s easy to understand why.

When someone gives you their email address they make a far greater commitment than simply clicking their mouse pointer on a like button.

They’re telling you, “I’d like to learn more about your accounting services and would love to receive financial tips” (if you’re sharing financial tips).

They’re granting you access to a sacred space in a world where there are no more sacred spaces online.

With that in mind, I can set up an email newsletter system for you. This allows you to add up to 500 subscribers for a start.

I also add a subscription page to your website where people can add their name and email address.

But you don’t have to stress about creating emails for marketing.

It’s automatic!

All you need to do is log into your website’s admin panel and create articles.

These articles are sent to your subscribers in a nice email format containing your article’s main image and a link to the article.

You can choose to have these articles go out once a day or once a week.

Search engine marketing

There’s a massive industry around SEO (search engine optimisation).

And much of it, because it’s so popular, is mythical and superfluous.

I’ll let you in on an SEO secret: add great articles to your website consistently and you’ll do well with search engines.

Google is all about quality content. The more quality you pump out, the better you look and the more Google likes what you’re offering their users.

With the website I build for you (using the popular WordPress platform) it’s easy for you to create a stream of excellent articles.

While other accounting companies are focusing on vanity metrics like likes and shares on Facebook, you’ll be building a holistic online presence that makes sense.

If you struggle to create your own content I can help. By using my professional content creation service your website has a great chance to climb to the top in your niche.


An email address connected to your website name looks far more professional than a Gmail or Outlook email address.

With one of my packages you can set up as many email addresses as you want, your hosting space being the only limit.

You’ll look like someone who cares about presenting a professional image.


Every website I build comes installed with Google Analytics. It’s free.

And you have access to it, should you wish to see it.

But you can also opt for a beautiful report that’s sent to you once a week via email.

This report shows the keywords people used to get to your site through Google, which pages they visits, where they’re from and some social media metrics.

But your website also comes with a tool that shows what people searched for when they arrived on your website.

It’s an immensely powerful tool to show you what people are looking for.

If you’ve been writing articles about PAYE but people search for UIF services when they arrive on your website, you know you can start adding articles about UIF too, in order to give visitors what they want and draw more visitors looking for that specific service.

Mobile friendly

Your website is designed to fit nicely into any screen size, desktop, tablet or mobile.

This ensures that your website visitors don’t have to pinch and zoom when they’re accessing your website on their mobile phone.


Since crunching numbers is your game you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cost of a my web design package.

It’s certainly not the price of this incredible pocket tool.

But it’s not cheap either.

You get what you pay for. If you pay for a cheap online marketing service you’ll get a cheap return on investment.

If you pay for a premium service you’ll get more people contacting you for your accounting services.


In the world of accounting, the more you look like a pro, the more people trust you.

And the best way to look like a pro is to get yourself one of my website packages.

This lets you reach prospects and clients through social media, search engines and email.

And because your website is mobile friendly, you give users a great experience.

Don’t forget about the analytics reports that make it easy for you to see where website visitors come from, which keywords they used to get there and which pages they use.

Get yourself a marketing package from me and look professional and competent.

Book a consultation for more info.

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