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Get an online marketing package that performs like a trusty old stick welder. It just keeps going.

Nothing gets your heart pumping anti-spatter more than a perfectly welded bead.

And that’s what your welding shop offers: perfect welding, every time.

Because welding is your life. It puts bread on your table and petrol in your truck.

If it were up to you, you’d be welding on Christmas. (But the wife won’t allow it, so you rather spend the day with the family.)

And the one thing your welding shop could use is a flow of more clients needing welding work done.

But what are you doing about it? Are you actively promoting your welding business online? In every possible way?

Are you missing out on clients?

Perhaps you have a Facebook account, and you lurk on there quite a bit.

Perhaps you even take some pics of your welding and post it to Facebook occasionally.

Perhaps you have a Facebook page for your business, and you post on it as often as you can.

But have you ever wondered if those likes and shares you’re getting are worth anything at all?

What if you’re missing out on welding clients from marketing channels other than social media?

Perhaps now is the time to consider a website that’s aimed at helping you get more welding inquiries.

What can you do with your welding website?

The most important thing that needs to go on your website are contact details.

Your phone number and email address should be highly visible. You should also have a contact form, as well as a map showing your location.

But with our website package, your welding shop shines like an ultraviolet arc.

That’s because you’re able to post articles highlighting your welding jobs whenever you wish.

And you can also categorize your information in a way that makes sense to humans and search engines.

Say you offer the following types of welding:

  • MIG
  • TIG
  • Stick
  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding

Whenever you do a welding job, take a picture or two of it, add some words and post it to the correct category on your website.

Now you’re building solid welding information categories that make you look like the welding pro you are.

You can also further categorize into something like the following:

  • Residential welding projects
  • Industrial welding projects

This powerful way of structuring your welding projects ensures that people and search engines pay closer attention. More on search engines a bit later.

Not keen on creating content? Hire us to write your welding articles.

We understand the metal industry. You get someone who creates expert level articles, but with an understanding of your niche.

Email marketing

Because so many business owners focus only on likes and shares on social media, they don’t even know there’s a trusty old marketing channel that’s proven itself time and time again.


It’s hated by many, yet no one has come up with a better marketing channel yet.

That’s because a person who gives you their email address is showing you far more commitment than someone who likes your post on Facebook.

With our web design package, you receive an email newsletter system that plugs into your website.

We also add a sign-up box which website visitors can add their names and email addresses.

These subscribers are automatically added to your newsletter.

The great thing about this newsletter system is that you don’t have to create newsletters. You simply focus on adding great welding content to your website. The newsletter goes out automatically.

Search engine marketing

People love to ask their family and friends for recommendations on Facebook, but they invariably end up on Google too, to google the name of a company that’s been suggested on Facebook.

Do you think it looks good if someone googles your name, and it doesn’t show up?

Another thing…

Your competition who does have a website is featuring for search phrases like, “welding shop near me”, “welding services”, “aluminum welding services”, “cast iron welding services” and similar.

If you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on plenty of website traffic.


Few things look as unprofessional as a welding shop with a Gmail or Yahoo account.

Make your welding shop stand out by setting up professional email addresses based on your domain name.

Set up as many as you like, your hosting space being the only limit.

And if you use POP to set up emails with, you won’t be wasting hosting space.


Your welding website comes with Google Analytics.

You get a weekly report that shows you which keywords brought people to your website, which pages they visited and where they’re from.

You also get a search function on your website that records what people search for.

This is great for helping to figure out who else you can target with your welding services.

Mobile friendly

Your welding site will look great on any size screen, tablet, desktop or mobile.

You don’t want website visitors landing on your website on their mobile devices, and they’re forced to pinch and zoom to see your projects.


You’re not getting a badly welded, spatter-coated piece of junk here.

You’re getting a premium marketing aimed at long-term success.

Expect to pay more.


If you don’t have a website for your welding shop yet, now is the time to get one.

It’s a great way for you to share welding projects with prospects and clients.

Because it’s mobile-friendly, it works on all screen sizes.

And because you can target three channels from a single place, you’ll get more leads. And the more leads you get, the more customers you can expect.

Get a great marketing package today and put your welding shop on the map!

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