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Your job doesn’t give you stress at all. Nope, not in the least.

“Remind the photographer that he mustn’t stand over there while the groom is speaking; don’t forget to tell the DJ he mustn’t play that other song because it brings the bride bad memories; phone the caterer to inform them there’s not enough salt in the gazpacho soup hors d’oeuvres; call the minister to finalize the bride’s entrance and the bridegroom’s special oath; will there be rain on the wedding day; will that door on the left-hand side of the building be open when the bride comes in from the other end; don’t forget the pack of loo paper you bought yesterday, just in case the venue doesn’t have enough; are the cards printed yet and are the names spelled correctly; do they have enough waiters at the venue; remember the special toys to occupy the younger brother who seems hell-bent on being devilishly naughty; remember to keep an eye on uncle Danny; the family can’t afford another wedding scandal; will the venue have enough alcohol.”

These and a million other things blitz through your head before a wedding and on the day.

But you love it, and you wouldn’t change your job for the world.

In fact, you’d love some more clients.

But are you reaching as many brides-to-be as possible?

Are you missing out on brides?

Are you a social media aficionado?

Perhaps you love using Facebook.

It’s great for staying in the loop personally, and you love to share your wedding successes there too.

However, are likes and shares all there is to it?

Here’s the thing: likes and shares hardly require commitment.

It’s like a Hollywood wedding; it looks spectacular but when the fanfare dies down, the stars move on after the divorce as if their marriage were a lunch break.

There’s got to be more ways for you to reach more people, so you can make more happy brides.

Have you ever considered getting a website for your wedding planning service?

What can you do with a website?

For starters, you could add your contact details. A simple, yet effective way to show people you’re open for business.

You could also add an about page; a bit of background info on who you are and what makes you the perfect wedding planner.

Naturally, you’d want to share your services. A detailed list of what brides-to-be can expect creates confidence.

But your website shines brighter than an 18-carat diamond when you add content to it that proves you’re the pro.

Let’s create a quick scenario…

Let’s say you want to post your wedding successes to your website.

The obvious thing would be to create a Successful Weddings category.

Every time you complete a wedding, you can add an article to this section.

Get a picture or two from the wedding photographer (whom you can help in return by punting them on your website).

Do a quick write-up of some of the challenges you faced and how you solved them, and voilà, you’ve got a beautiful article!

How does this help?

Think about the stresses you ease for the bride.

When a bride-to-be reads about how you helped another bride with something she might also have trouble with on the day, she’ll be thrilled!

You could go further to anchor yourself in the minds of a bride-to-be as the wedding planner of choice by sharing valuable tips on your website.

People love tips. What better way to make yourself stand out than by showing people you care for them—even before they book you—by sharing valuable information?

The possibilities are many.

Email marketing

Email is a fantastic way to connect with people. You should be using it to market your service.

Not every subscriber will become a client, but every subscriber will know they’re receiving updates from a professional.

And when a lady enters the bride-to-be phase, whose name will they remember?

We set you up with an email newsletter system that’s plugged into your website.

We also add a beautiful sign-up form to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses, which automatically adds them to your newsletter system.

But if you’ve ever created an email newsletter, you’ll know it’s tedious work.

That’s why we give you an automated email marketing system. That means you don’t spend a second on creating email newsletters.

You keep focusing on making your website as the best wedding planner website in the world, and it’ll send all your latest articles to subscribers without you lifting a finger.

If a recipient of the email likes what they see in your email newsletter, they can click a link to visit your website.

On your website, you can have them take an action of your choosing, like call or email you to book a consultation.

Search engine marketing

Search engines are great for finding relevant content.

People ask their friends and relatives on Facebook for wedding planner recommendations, but they also check Google for results.

These are some search terms for your niche:

  • wedding planner near me
  • how much does it cost to hire a wedding planner?
  • list of wedding planners in dallas
  • wedding planners austin
  • wedding planner book texas
  • wedding planner san antonio
  • wedding planner directory

Are you featuring for any of those searches?

Remember, you needn’t offer a service to speak about it.

For instance, you’re not a wedding planner directory. You’re a wedding planner.

But you can still write about a wedding planner directory and how people should be careful to not just trust any wedding planner they find in a directory.


A wedding planner with a Gmail account?

That doesn’t look professional.

With our website design package, you can set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

Set up your email addresses using POP, and you don’t even have to worry about wasting hosting space.


We install Google Analytics on your wedding planner website.

This ensures you can keep an eye on important metrics whenever you want.

But you also get a weekly report which shares data like who came to your website, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

Your website also contains a search box that records what website visitors search for when they use it.

This is illuminating.

Say for instance you have vegan caterers on file, but you don’t mention it on your website.

One day, you log into your website’s dashboard and notice that people have used your search box to see if you offer vegan catering.

This gives you major insight into what the market wants.

Mobile friendly

Your website will look gorgeous on any size screen.

You want to avoid frustrating brides-to-be by having them pinch and zoom to see what you have to offer on your website.


This is a 5-tier wedding cake marketing package, not a Vegas chapel wedding marketing package.

You get a premium, optimized website with all the bells and whistles brides-to-be expect.

It’s a great marketing package geared towards being weatherproof and granting you long-term success.

You pay premium because you get a premium package.


You could keep posting to social media and do fine.

Furthermore, you could also rely on word-of-mouth to get more brides through your door.

But you can say yes to more inquiries by booking a consultation. Then enjoy reaching more brides-to-be with your message.

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