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Here's how a fun-filled online marketing package can get more kids (of all ages) through your toy store's doors.
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Walking into your shop makes the most sedate child’s eyes stretch in awe.

Your shop is filled with irresistible enjoyment, furious fun and hilarious happiness waiting to be devoured.

But are you getting enough kids (young and old) through your toy store’s doors?

Are you missing out on clients?

Facebook is as alluring to many people as your toy store is to children.

It’s all bright and shiny and there are fun things going on there all the time and new stuff from friends and family and funny memes and kittens and kids and fail vids and win vids and all sorts of things to keep you occupied for hours.

And perhaps you use it frequently.

Maybe you love to post your latest toys to your personal Facebook profile or a business page you’ve created for your toy store.

And it seems to be working. You get likes and shares.

But have you ever asked if those likes and shares are turning into money?

Have you ever thought of other ways of making more toy sales than simply posting to social media?

You might think it dated, but what about getting a great website going?

What can you do with your website?

You obviously want more sales.

That’s done in several ways.

For instance, just by adding your contact details, you make it easy for people to get hold of you.

But why would they want to get hold of you from your website?

If your website doesn’t display the toys you’re selling, there’s little reason for them to call you.

Say you’ve just received a new Star Wars themed Lego set.

Now you can brag about it on your website and give people reason to call you for more information.

Or perhaps a batch of Nerf guns arrived. You need to move this stock!

Add it to your website!

Or maybe you’ve decided to stock more HAPE products.

Add it to your website because it’s a great way to get moms and dads interested in what you have to offer.

But you can also share things like toy tips to make yourself look like a toy expert. This is great for business.

It’s not difficult to add new toys or toy tips to your website.

It’s done by creating articles, or blog posts.

If you can create a Facebook post, you can create articles for your website.

You need a title, an excerpt, a nice picture of the new toy and maybe a bit of text telling people what it is they’re looking at, and you’ve got an article.

Read on to see why this is better than simply posting to Facebook, and how we integrate social media and email marketing into your toy website.

Email marketing

Is sharing toy updates via email a good idea?


Email is a wonderful form of communication.

You know, Facebook is a feast of latest gadgets and goodies. And the people creating promos for those doodads are professionals. So, they know how to make a video or Facebook post pop and steal the attention.

Trying to compete with that is like playing Scrabble in a foreign language. You just won’t win!

But if someone gives you their email address, they’re saying they’d love to receive your latest toy updates.

Every time you add a new article to your website, they receive a professional looking email with all of your latest updates.

From there they can click on a link in the email to visit your website, from where you can sell to them.

We create you a newsletter system that plugs into your website.

We also add a sign-up box to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses, after which they’re automatically added to your newsletter.

Search engine marketing

You wouldn’t want to miss out on traffic your website could generate from search engines like Google.

In fact, people probably google your toy store’s name to find out more about you.

People also use Google to find toys for themselves and their children.

Here are some search terms used in the toy niche:

  • best toys for 10 year old boy
  • best toys for 10 year old boy
  • best gifts for 10 year old boy
  • gift ideas for 10 year old boy birthday
  • gift ideas for 10 year old boy who has everything
  • best sports gifts for 10 year old boy
  • toys for 10 year olds girl
  • gift for 10 year old boy who likes sports
  • buy hape toys
  • hape toys by age
  • hape musical toys
  • toy kingdom

These are just some near infinite searches people perform looking for toys. You can replace the age in those searches and come up with even more!

Are you featuring for any of those searches?

If not, why not?

If your competition has a good website, they’re probably scooping up far more sales just because they’re on Google.

You should be fighting back.

You should be offering them competition for those search terms.

Some of your competitors will have ecommerce stores, but even if you don’t have an ecommerce store, you can still set it up to look like an ecommerce store and in so doing grab some traffic from them.


You could use a Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo email address.

It’s probably not that big of a deal for a toy shop.

But with our web design package, you can set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

And you can save hosting space by setting up your emails with POP.


Your toy store website comes with Google Analytics.

It’s a great way to get crucial information about what’s happening on your website and where it’s happening.

But you also receive a free professional weekly email with metrics like who came to your website from where, which keywords they used and which pages they visited.

Your website also has a search function that records what people are searching for on your website, should they use it. It’s a fantastic way to see which toys people are looking for.

Mobile friendly

Your toy store website will look great on any screen size, mobile, desktop, or tablet.

If someone’s looking for more information about one of the toys you’re featuring on your site, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to digest the information.


This marketing package is a Christmas stocking filled with wonder.

It won’t be cheap, but it’ll give you a solid base and offers a much better return on investment than focusing only on social media.


You could continue using social media for your toy marketing efforts.

You could probably get away with using a bland, static website that doesn’t do anything more than share your contact details.

Or you could opt for a highly functional website that lets you share your latest toys and toy tips to it.

That way, you can target up to three marketing channels from a single spot, without extra effort.

Book a consultation, get your website package today and make your toy store shine.

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