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Recycling is one of our age’s most important acts.

If people don’t recycle waste (and recycle properly) the environment takes a knock, which leads to humans taking a knock. It’s a circle of life or a circle of death, depending on how it’s completed.

Your position in the community as a recycling company is of crucial importance.

Your task of collecting raw materials, reworking it and reintroducing it to the environment in the best possible way is top priority.

But are you missing out on getting more people on board with your initiative?

Are you missing out on clients?

Do you post to Facebook?

Perhaps you’re quite a popular social media user.

Maybe people love to like and share your posts about the importance of recycling and how you can help them with the process.

Your page followers also seem to grow every month.

That’s great, but aren’t you wondering what those likes and shares are worth in monetary terms?

And have you ever thought of drawing traffic from other places outside social media?

It’s possible!

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to argue against the fact that a good blog post outlasts a Facebook post by 99%. (A Facebook post has a 5-hour lifespan, on average. You do the math to determine how much longer a good blog post is worth.)

What can you do with your recycling website?

If you get a website for your recycling company, you could turn it into a powerful marketing machine.

Add your contact details, so people can easily get hold of you.

Add your recycling services, so people know what they can expect from you.

Post how-to articles to encourage people to pursue recycling best practices.

Post success stories to show people how your company is playing a powerful role in changing the environment for the better.

The more you post, the better you look, and the better you look, the more likely it is that people will choose you when it comes to choosing a recycling partner.

It’s not difficult to add articles to your website.

If you can write a Facebook post, you can learn to create an article on your site.

Add a main image, a title, an excerpt, and some text. Et voilà, you have a blog post.

Say for instance you just gained a new industrial recycling client.

You could take a picture of the client, their insane amount of waste and write an article about how you’ll change their company’s waste disposal procedure for the better, thereby making a major impact on the environment.

When you do this sort of thing, you look like a pro and your client looks like they truly care for the environment. It’s a win-win.

Not keen on managing your website’s content? We can do it for you. If you hire us, we can add professionally written articles along with eye-catching graphics that makes your content look great when it’s shared to social media.

Email marketing

There’s hardly a better way to reach out to fans than through email.

When someone likes or shares your content on Facebook, they’re not expending much energy, and they’re not making a giant commitment.

But someone who gives you their email address invites you into their sacred space.

And with our automated email marketing, it’s easy to send out email newsletters.

We set up a newsletter system that’s plugged into your website.

All you do is keep focusing on adding top quality articles to your recycling website.

Every time you add new content, it’s shared in a beautiful newsletter that’s sent out to newsletter subscribers.

We also create a signup form on your site to which website visitors can add their names and email addresses to subscribe. These subscribers are added to your newsletter automatically.

Search engine marketing

Google is a phenomenal tool for finding things.

Chances are, people have googled your company name before.

Or perhaps your name.

People will ask their friends and family on Facebook for recycling company suggestions, but they’ll head to search engines for advice too.

That’s why you need a website.

People search for the following in your niche:

  • recycling company near me
  • recycling drop off sites near me
  • nearest recycling drop off
  • glass recycling for money
  • glass recycling near me
  • waste management companies

Do you show up for those search terms? You could be.

And even if that list contains a service you don’t offer, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it on your website and turn that service’s search term into a potential lead generator.


It’s OK for a recycling company to use a Gmail or Yahoo email address.

But you’ll look more professional if you opt for email addresses based on your company name. In other words, branded email addresses.

With our web design package, you may set up as many email addresses as you want, your hosting package size being the only limit.


Your recycling website comes with Google Analytics, which you’re provided access to should you wish.

But you also get a weekly report that shares metrics like which keywords brought people to your site, where they’re from and which pages they used.

Your website also comes with a search box that records what people search for.

It’s handy for determining where you need to point your marketing efforts.

For instance, if you write plenty of articles about glass recycling but people visiting your site search for plastic recycling, you could start adding plastic recycling articles.

Mobile friendly

Your recycling website will look great on any size screen, big, medium or small.

It’s a drag to visit a website, and you have to pinch and zoom to find basic information.

Don’t do that to your site visitors.


This is not some junkyard marketing package put together by a fly-by-night social media “expert”.

You’ll pay a premium for our marketing package.

That’s because you get a website that’s geared towards helping you get more recycling clients through your door.

It’s a great approach to marketing your recycling company because it offers a holistic approach and covers many bases, making for good long-term results.


You could reach plenty of prospects through Facebook.

But if you get a great website and opt for our automated marketing system, you won’t just look more professional than someone who only has a Facebook page, you’ll also be able to reach prospects and clients through two additional marketing channels.

And you won’t have to do triple the work.

You focus on building your website.

Book a consultation, get our marketing package, and start reaping the benefit of reaching more recycling clients more channels.

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