If you want more people to take on your cause and stand for what is right, you need an online marketing package that'll help you put up a good fight.
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You’re a suave, charismatic person with the ability to awe people and win them over in a single sitting.

You have giant plans to change the world and usher in new policies that’ll better the lives of all Americans.

But you need more people to help you carry forward this vision.

But not just yes-men and flippy floppy poseurs trying to ride your coattails to success.

You require true aficionados of the political tunes you warble.

Are you missing out on devotees?

Let’s caucus for a bit on this important issue.

What are you doing to get your message out to more people?

Are you posting to Facebook?

Perhaps one of your fans even created a Facebook page in your honor, and they’re gathering all your nuggets there for Facebookers to read.

Maybe you’ve set up an Instagram account, and you post political profundities to it.

But social media is ephemeral.

It’s a known fact that social media posts have the lifespan of a political traitor in a world war.

There has to be other platforms you could use to reach the masses to gain their attention, approval, and vote.

What about a website? Not just a pamphlet style website. How about getting a website that’ll help you make fans?

What can you do with a website?

You want to grow your fan base, right? One way to do that is by getting more emails on your email list.

Another way is to ask for donations. That’s a standard thing if you’re a politician, not so? Especially in the US.

But you could use your website as a marketing machine.

You could set up landing pages with calls to action designed to get people to do what you want them to do.

You could be running polls to see what your constituents think of certain issues.

Furthermore, you could write thought-provoking articles to help make you look like the pundit you are.

You could be interacting with fans and detractors on the major issues our country face, such as abortion and racism, and how those evils can be fought.

Email marketing

Superman can fly; Spider-Man can sling; Batman can… I don’t know, detectivize?


Your superpower is building a list of fanatics.

Because there’s no better way to reach your political tribe than through email.

We set up an email newsletter system that plugs into your website, then add a form to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses, so you can stay in touch with them.

But you needn’t worry about creating email newsletters manually.

All you do is keep adding content to your website.

That content is shared automatically in a professional newsletter that forces people to click through to your website if they want to sponge on your sapience.

Search engine marketing

This is a powerful way to market yourself.

That’s because a good website article will feature in Google for years to come, while something like a Facebook post has a 5-hour lifespan, on average.

You could be gunning for top spot in Google. If you put your mind and hand to it, you could be featuring for all the main issues you want to be noticed for.

You could be writing political masterpieces against the democrats or issues you think the republicans should be tackling differently.

Perhaps you can start seeing the amount of traffic waiting to happen if you write about those issues?

Here are some searches people perform:

  • abortion bill amendments usa
  • abortion
  • democratic party candidates
  • biden
  • trump
  • privatization
  • illegal immigration

Those are just some points people ponder.

Don’t you think you should be giving the people of our country a voice they can follow?

Don’t you think it’s time you rose to take your place as the leader you were born to be?

One of the most powerful ways to do so is to write about these matters.

Take your stand, and make it a firm one.


You surely can’t be using a Gmail or Yahoo email address?

Solidarity with the little people is one thing, but that’s just unprofessional.

With our web design package, you can set up as many email addresses as you want, your hosting package size being the only limit.

And if you want to avoid wasting hosting space, set up your emails using POP.


Your political website comes with Google Analytics. That’s a great way to see what’s happening on your site.

But you also get a weekly report that shares crucial metrics like which keywords brought people to your site, where they’re from and which pages they used.

Your website also contains a search box that records what people search for. It’s a GREAT way to see what people are looking for when they’ve arrived at your site.

Mobile friendly

Of course, your website will look stunning on all screen sizes.

You want to avoid frustrating followers by making it difficult for them to use your site on a mobile device.


This sort of marketing package is geared towards politicians who aim to make their voice heard for a long time to come, not at the political kowtower who’s in it for money and women.

Perhaps you’re the latter, in which case we’d probably not do business together.


You could score likes and shares all you want on Facebook. But you’ve got to ask what that’s converting to.

You might even have a static website that’s about as popular as a KKK member at a BLM rally.

However, if you’re gearing up for long-term success in the political arena, book a consultation for a marketing package that’ll get you more fans.

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