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Nothing gives you greater joy than to shampoo, clip, card, de-mat and pluck a dog from mutt to marvelous.

But how can you get more people to bring you their cats and dogs for a grooming session?

Are you missing out on clients?

Do you often post things to Facebook?

Perhaps you belong to a few Facebook business groups, and maybe you have a professional page for your grooming business.

You share funny pet memes, and you post information about your pet grooming services for all to see.

People like your posts. They share it and comment and ask for prices. And they think your pet memes are cute.

And on specific days some Facebook groups allow you to share business posts to them, so you religiously make use of their kindness to share specials.

All of this seems to work, so you’re happy.

Maybe you even have a website. But you don’t really use it. You had it created by a web designer, and now it’s been sitting there like a lazy dog on a porch.

Perhaps it’s time to get a website that’ll proactively help you market your grooming service.

What can a pet groomer do with a website?

If you’re a mobile pet groomer, you might want to add your phone number to the website, so people can easily get hold of you.

If you have a pet grooming studio, you’ll want to add your location too. You might even want to add a map, so people can easily find your parlor.

But if you really want your website to work for you, you’d want to add pictures to it of cats and dogs you cleaned up or gave a snazzy new look.

That way, you’re drawing attention to your parlor as the go-to option for pet owners to take their beloved pets to.

Email marketing

You’re in a niche where pet owners constantly need to bring you their pets for a groom.

One of the best ways to remind pet owners of your valuable service is to add them to an email list.

But to create email newsletters manually takes long and is often a massive undertaking.

However, if you choose our email marketing option, you don’t have to create a single email manually, ever.

All you do is keep adding content to your website. That content could take the form of an article, a special, or simply a before and after pic of a happy dog or cat.

The content you create is shared with subscribers in a beautiful email that contains an image and a link to your website.

Let’s say you’re running a special on a face, feet, and fanny trim.

Instead of creating a newsletter about your special, simply add it to your website. That special is then shared with email subscribers.

If they’re interested, they can click through and contact you for a booking.

We set up an email newsletter system that’s plugged into your website. On your website, we add a subscription box where website visitors can add their names and email addresses. This automatically adds them to your email list.

Search engine marketing

Google is a fantastic driver of traffic for pet grooming services.

Here are some of the searches people do for pet grooming:

  • dog groomer near me
  • dog grooming near me
  • dog grooming
  • mobile dog grooming near me
  • mobile dog grooming
  • aggressive dog groomer near me
  • local dog groomers near me
  • dog groomers near me reviews
  • dog grooming prices near me
  • senior dog groomers near me
  • how to groom your dog at home
  • diy dog grooming

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t have a mobile dog grooming unit, so it’s not applicable to your service.

Or perhaps you’re thinking, “DIY dog grooming certainly doesn’t apply to our premium service.”

But you’re missing the point.

You can use those search terms to add content to your website that addresses those issues.

For instance, you know of a million pitfalls a DIY dog groomer can fall into. So, what can you do? Write an article or series of articles addressing those pitfalls and why it’s better for a pet owner to bring their cat or dog to you, a professional groomer.

You’ll establish yourself as an expert in the field and, in so doing, outshine your competition.

And if adding content yourself scares the daylights out of you, hire us to do it. That way you get expert level content, and you build out your content empire by building out your website.


A pet grooming business with a Gmail or Yahoo email account probably won’t be seen as unprofessional. If you use one of those, customers likely see you as someone too busy making someone’s pet swanky to worry about an email address.

But if you want a professional email address connected to your domain name, our web design package allows you to set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.


Your pet grooming website comes with Google Analytics installed. You’re always welcome to check those analytics whenever you wish.

But if you want a convenient way of knowing what’s happening on your site, just check the weekly report that goes out once a week and shares info like which keywords brought people to your site, which pages they visited and where they’re from.

Your website also comes with a search box. This box records what people search for.

How’s that handy?

For instance, if you’re pushing dog grooming often on your website, but you notice an increase in people searching for cat grooming in your area, you could add more content about cat grooming if it’s something you offer.

Mobile friendly

Your pet grooming website will look great on any screen size.

Say you share one of your website’s pages to Facebook and someone sees it in their Facebook app’s feed on their cell phone.

When that person clicks through and can’t read your website text or see pictures of dogs you’ve groomed, they’ll get frustrated and leave.

You want them to have a great experience on your website, regardless of where they’re using it.


This pet grooming marketing package comes with everything you need to make a big impact.

Therefore, it comes with a big price tag. If the return is worth it, though, the cost shouldn’t scare you.


You’ll find clients in need of a groom on Facebook. If you regularly post, people will probably see your work.

If you have a static website for your business, people might even stumble upon it and get in touch for more information about your pet grooming services.

But our marketing package will put your grooming business in a bigger spotlight, making you look like the doggy groomer of choice for your region.

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