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From wasps to rats to fleas to flies; from roaches to rodents to bedbugs to weevils and other invaders, you deal with all sorts of pests.

In fact, you’d probably consider yourself to be the best at putting pests to rest.

Your clients include residents tired of losing the battle against ants and other invaders, and businesses who rely on you to quickly and efficiently get rid of pests.

But are you reaching enough people with your pest control services?

Are you missing out on clients?

Are you a big social media consumer?

Are you often on Facebook, lurking around, liking and sharing, and posting things for others to like and share?

Perhaps you share some of your pest eradication successes to your personal Facebook page.

Or perhaps you’ve gone all the way and created a page for your pest control company.

But have you ever wondered if all those likes and shares truly make a difference to your bottom line?

How many likes and shares does one client cost you?

And have you ever considered other channels through which you could be reaching more potential clients?

How about getting a website for your pest control service?

What can you do with your website?

A website comes with the basic functionality you’d expect: details about your company, a contact form and some contact details.

But with our website package, you can put your marketing in overdrive.

That’s because you can add articles to your website.

It’s a great way to draw people to your service. And if you do it consistently, you’ll start receiving quality leads.

Perhaps you’re thinking it’s too hard to write articles.

But an article can be something as simple as an image, an excerpt, some text, and a title.

For instance, if you’ve just completed an emergency pest eradication job for a top restaurant in your region, you’ve got bragging rights!

Take a picture of the client, write a bit of how you helped the client solve their pest problem, and you’ve got an article.

You could also share pest control tips to your website. That’s a surefire way to get more people to your website.

If you keep adding content, you’ll steadily build a portfolio of work that’ll be hard to ignore.

You’ll look like the obvious choice for an extermination project.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still the number one marketing method in the world.

And for good reason.

If you can get into people’s inboxes, you’ve got a good chance to sell your pest control service to them.

A social media like or share doesn’t take much effort.

But someone who gives you their email address really wants to be pestered!

But have you ever created an email newsletter?

It’s a mission! Even if you use the world’s most intuitive email newsletter creation software, it still takes plenty of effort to craft a newsletter.

However, our automated email marketing package takes that worry off your hands. All you do is keep adding pest control content to your website.

Your articles are sent to email subscribers every time you add something new.

We set up an automatic newsletter for you. This plugs into your website.

Then we add signup boxes where website visitors can add their names and email addresses.

This automatically subscribes them to your newsletter.

Whenever you add a new piece of content to your website, those subscribers receive a professional-looking email with a link back to your website. All automated; super easy.

Search engine marketing

If you want more people to visit your website to see your pest control services, you need to target search engines like Google.

These are some search phrases people use to find pest control services like yours:

  • pest control near me
  • cockroach pest control near me
  • rat exterminator near me
  • rodent control
  • ant pest control
  • ant fumigation near me
  • pest control specialists
  • fumigation services

Are you featuring for any of those search phrases?

If not, why not?

Your competition, who has a good website, is outshining you in this field.

Even if there’s a service on that list you don’t offer, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to mention it on your website.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your fumigation website if you know how.

And if creating articles is too difficult for you, hire us to write your pest control content. We create professionally written content that’ll help draw more people to your service for a long time to come.


It’s probably not too unprofessional for a bug removal outfit to use a Gmail or Yahoo email.

But our web design package lets you set up as many email addresses as you wish, the only limit being the size of your hosting package.

Use POP if you would rather not use hosting space to host your emails, then you can grow your email inbox to any size you wish.


Your pest control website comes with Google Analytics installed.

You’re always welcome to request access. It’s your analytics, after all.

But there’s a smarter option.

Instead of trying to wade your way through Google Analytics, you also get a weekly report which shares details like what keywords brought people to your site, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

Your website also comes with a search box that records website visitors’ searches.

So if you’re pushing your killer cockroach service, but you notice people searching for rat removal, you can adjust your content to include more rat eradication content.

Mobile friendly

Our web design packages are mobile-friendly.

It’s annoying to visit a website, and you have to pinch and zoom to see what it is the website is selling.

Your pest control website will look good on any size screen.


A website that lets you post your pest control successes to it and lets you share it automatically to social media and via email will not be cheap because it’s a premium product.

It allows you to easily reach people through various channels from a single place.


Your fumigation and pest control business will benefit big time from a website that’s set up correctly and allows you to market to three different channels from a single place.

And though it’s expensive, you receive an immense package that could generate serious clientele.

Book a consultation, get a marketing package today and get more pest control clients through your door.

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