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Buff bodies and fit forms.

That’s your game.

You can’t change people’s attitude, and you can’t change their physique, but your supplements can help them reach their physical fitness goals and stay there.

But how can you get more people to buy your products?

Are you missing out on clients?

Are you scoring big by posting your supplements to Facebook?

Or perhaps you post #fit photos to Instagram, showing off athletes you work with.

You give your social media channels a megadose a day, and your ego is fortified by the likes and shares.

And you get your sales too.

Perhaps you have a website.

But it’s a weak little thing that can’t bench 10kgs. Shame.

What if you’re missing out on essential vitamins and minerals because your online marketing diet’s lacking in a nutritious website?

What can you do with a website?

A website might seem like an ancient idea, especially in the fast-paced world of bulking, cutting, stacking and prepping.

But a great website would benefit your supplement business immensely.

Let’s start with the basics, your contact details. Chuck those around the site in strategic places (the header is a good place to start with) and make it easy for people to get hold of you.

If you have a walk-in store, place a map on your site to make it easy for people to visit you.

But now we get to the juicy stuff.

The stuff that’ll have your competition admiring you from afar, jealous of your digital six-pack.

I’m talking turning your website into a marketing machine by generating content that stimulates interest.

I’m talking adding articles about supplements, workout tips and even products to your website.

When you do that sort of thing, you’re setting yourself up as an expert in your field, and people love to see what experts have to say.

Imagine you’re selling a new whey protein.

You could post it to your Facebook page. The problem is, Facebook posts, if not boosted, have a lifespan of 5 hours. That’s a wink and a bicep curl, and it’s gone.

But if you add an in-depth article about your new whey protein on your website, touting the benefits of using this whey, you’re creating something that’ll last for years to come.

And even if you add three more whey products in years to come, you can still use that old article to market the new whey products. This is a strategy employed by bright and savvy online marketers, to great success.

Email marketing

The automatic email newsletter option frees you up to not have to spend time creating email newsletters.

Do you know how much time that’ll save you? It’s a schlep to create newsletters manually.

No. You just keep adding articles and products to your website.

Whenever you add something new, your email newsletter subscribers receive a beautiful email update with a link to the article or product you shared.

This forces them to visit your website, where you’ve set up a call to action you want them to take.

That could be something like requesting a price or messaging you via email or WhatsApp.

How do you build your email list?

You can do that in several ways, but for a start, this is how we help you out.

We set up a newsletter system that plugs into your website, then add a form to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses, which automatically adds them to your newsletter.

Search engine marketing

Search engines consistently bring some of the best traffic to websites.

If you’re not pushing your search engine optimization and search engine marketing, here’s why you should.

Let’s take a look at what people search for in your niche, on Google…

  • buy supplements online
  • online supplement store dallas
  • supplement specials
  • supplement shop
  • supplement sale
  • supplements texas
  • amazon supplements
  • buy whey protein
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  • whey protein specials
  • cheapest whey protein in houston
  • whey protein price
  • nutritech whey protein
  • whey protein for sale
  • buy protein bars
  • usn protein bars
  • nutritech protein bars
  • protein bars el paso
  • protein bars austin
  • usn protein bars good or bad
  • usn energy bar
  • whey protein bar
  • whey nougat protein bar

Are you featuring for any of those searches?

You could be.

Now, you might think, “I don’t sell USN or Nutritech products. Why would I want to feature for that?”

Don’t miss the opportunities for traffic in those search terms.

You don’t have to sell something to mention them on your website.

Because those search terms are mentioned in this post, chances are this post will be indexed for them. If we were to add more well-written articles with those keywords, we’d start ranking.

That’s how search marketing works.

We’re not advocating using black hat SEO tactics or being dishonest. We’re advocating being competitive, which is what your game’s all about.

If adding content seems like a foreign idea you wouldn’t want to even consider, hire us to do it. We create professional content that’s geared towards getting our clients more leads.


The online space is filled with supplement suppliers selling their stuff online.

It’s a great idea. You should consider it.

With our expertise, we can set you up an ecommerce store that’s cut like stone.

It’ll look great, integrate with major payment gateways, and help you move your supplements easier.

You’d need to market your ecommerce shop, but with our website package, it’s much easier, and should offer you long-term success.


Someone selling supplements with a Gmail or Yahoo account probably looks quite edgy, like they’re not interested in tech, only bulking up their clients.

It’s likely a good thing.

But with one of our web design packages, you can set up as many email addresses as you wish.

The only limit is your storage space.

However if you set up your emails using POP, you shouldn’t even have to worry about that.


Your supplements website comes with Google Analytics installed.

It’s a necessity if you’re interested in knowing how to grow your website.

But you also get a weekly report, which sends out an email with really cool metrics like which pages people visited on your website, and which keywords brought them over and where they’re from.

What’s more, your website has a search box that records what website visitors search for when they use it.

It’s a superb way to see what the market expects of you.

Say, for instance, you’ve been pushing a protein shake, but you notice people searching for whey, you’ve got an indication that you should pay more attention to marketing your whey.

Mobile friendly

Your website will look great on any size screen: slim on mobile; bulky on desktop.

You want to give website visitors a positive experience and not frustrate them.


This marketing package is the full workout. It’ll make your competitors break out in a sweat.

Therefore, you can expect to pay a premium.


You could keep posting to Facebook and Instagram and wallow in the likes and shares.

You could also keep using that static old website that just sits there like a second hand treadmill on Craigslist.

Or you could book a consultation and get yourself a website that’s geared towards helping you sell more of your supplements.

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