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You’re a dynamic person.

You can sweep audiences into standing ovations just by using your powerful oratory skills.

Furthermore, you’re known as a change agent; an intervention leader; a stick of dynamite that, when ignited, blows all expectations out of the water.

You’re the picture of charisma; a magnet on two legs.

But are you reaching as many people as you can with your message of hope?

Are you missing out on clients?

You probably post to Facebook. You don’t waste time on Facebook, but you do post the odd message on there to fans and followers.

And you’re getting plenty of likes and shares.

But be honest: those likes and shares don’t necessarily amount to anything but your ego receiving a bit of a boost, right?

However, an ego boost doesn’t necessarily mean money in the bank.

And that’s what you need.

You thrive on helping people and hearing them applaud you, but you need to eat, and there’s no like or share in the world capable of tasting like steak.

And some people liking and sharing your stuff won’t EVER be able to afford you. Not in a thousand years.

Maybe you have a little website. It contains some basic info and perhaps even a picture of you.

Perhaps you’re even on LinkedIn. And you find it a powerful platform for connecting.

But you want more people to see you. And you want more of the right people to see you. You know there’s no point reaching a large audience with marketing if you’re not reaching the right audience.

How can you expand your reach to people who will not only value what you have to say, but actually be able to afford you?

Perhaps it’s time you get a professional website.

What can you do with a website?

Your website can open a world where you’re the king of the mountain.

Use it to display your long list of accomplishments and add your contact and booking details.

But you can take it a step further.

You can use it to add content that’ll inspire people.

People love your voice. They eat out of your hand.

You could add articles to your website your followers will devour.

You think it’s too difficult to add content to your website?

If you can write a Facebook post, you can write a blog post.

But a blog post is far more valuable than a Facebook post.

For one thing: a good blog post lasts 99% longer than a Facebook post.

This is not some random made up number. Studies have shown that Facebook posts are as ephemeral as morning mist. (Read on to see how you can add social media to your marketing efforts.)

Blog posts have a far longer life.

When you write blog posts, you draw people onto your platform, where you can get them to take an action designed by you. Sell them a ticket to your next speaking session.

Or sell them merch.

Or at the very least, get them to sign up for your newsletter.

On Facebook, it’s much harder to get people’s attention, and it’s near impossible (compared to your website) to get their personal details, so you can market to them later. You’ve got funny memes, hot gadgets and people’s families to contend with on social media.

Not so with a website. When people visit your website, they’re in your world and the only distractions they face are distractions created by you.

Email marketing

Email is one of the best ways a motivational speaker can reach fans.

When your connection, Michael, gives one of your posts a like on Facebook, that’s not much of a commitment. Even Michael’s share doesn’t take much effort. He simply clicks a few buttons, and it’s shared.

But when Michael signs up for your newsletter, he’s saying he’d love to keep hearing from you.

But you needn’t worry about creating email newsletters manually.

You just keep adding beautiful blog posts to your website.

We set up an email system for that plugs into your website and sends out your news automatically.

We also add a box to your website where people can sign up for your newsletter.

When they sign up, they’re automatically added to your newsletter list and will receive an email as per the predetermined schedule we set up for your emails to be delivered.

Every time you add a new article or blog post to your website, it’s shared with subscribers.

They get a beautiful email with a link back to your website. They can read more when they visit your website, where you can have a call to action ready to hook them with a sale.

Search engine marketing

These are some search terms in your niche:

  • motivational speakers california
  • business coach new york
  • motivational speakers
  • book motivational speakers
  • top rated keynote speakers
  • motivational books
  • hiring motivational speakers
  • free motivational speakers
  • personal development planning

Now, you might frown upon the “free motivational speakers” bit, but if you’re savvy, you’ll see the traffic lurking behind that key phrase.

And you could be featuring for those search terms, and more.

So go Google some key phrases and note the current top motivational speakers.

That’ll give you an idea of whom you’re up against.

And if you make it your goal and apply some elbow grease, you can dethrone the top dog.

And if you’re not confident in your writing ability, hire us to do the articles for you. You’ll pay a boatload of money, but you’ll also get a good return.


There’s no way a serious motivational speaker uses Gmail or Yahoo.

Who would book a motivational speaker who can’t even sort themselves a professional email address?

With our web marketing package, you can set up as many email addresses as you like. The only limit is your hosting space.

And using POP nullifies the hosting space issue.


Your motivational speaking website comes with Google Analytics, and you get a weekly report that shares some seriously nice metrics with you: which keywords brought them to your site, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

We also install a system that tracks what people who visit your site search for while on your site (if they use the search function).

It’s a GREAT way for you to determine what content you should be posting to your site.

Mobile friendly

Your website will look great on any screen.

How motivational would it be if people visit your site, and they have to pinch and zoom to see what you’re trying to motivate them to do?

Not much.


Inspiration costs perspiration. You know that.

Most things in life that’s worth owning, comes at a price.

If you’re looking to inspire more people for a longer period of time, you’ll pay more.

That’s the way it works.


You could keep posting platitudes to Facebook and revel in the likes and shares that flood your way.

Or you could get a hardworking website geared towards getting you more bookings.

With our website design and marketing package, you’ll be reaching more people on more platforms, more often.

Book a consultation, get our marketing package and start speaking to more fans.

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