If you're a handyman you can reach more people with this marketing package that automatically shares your painting, tiling, plastering and building alteration work to three channels.
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Painting, tiling, building alterations, plumbing, electrical work; you do it all.

And when you complete a job, people can’t thank you enough for your top quality work and professionalism.

But how can you add more clients to your books?

Are you missing out on clients?

Maybe you’re a Facebook fanatic.

You’re always sharing your projects to your personal profile or a Facebook business page.

You like and share other people’s stuff, and you like the feeling of camaraderie, albeit it fakes.

Perhaps you take out ads in the local newspaper, booklet, or magazine. And you get some inquiries.

Perhaps you have a shoddy old website that works no better than a hammer with a broken-off handle.

All of these channels add up little by little, but you might be missing out big time on more clients.

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a website that helps you reach more people with your message.

What can you do with a website?

The first and most important thing is to have your contact details readily available.

That should go right at the top of the site on every page. That way, someone landing on your website knows how to get hold of you.

Next would be the types of services you offer. You want people to know what you’re capable of.

But you could also use your website to showcase completed projects.

That way, you show people you’re a busy person, which means you’re a popular choice for handyman work.

You might also want to add customer reviews, so website visitors can see you’re a trustworthy handyman.

Email marketing

If you’d love a way to consistently speak to clients at a place where they’ll always receive your updates, you can’t go wrong with email.

You might think that a Facebook page fulfills this role, but unfortunately only a small percentage of your page followers ever see your content.

But when you send an email, your recipients have to see it.

However, creating an email newsletter manually takes a lot of effort; it’s a tedious job.

That’s why we offer an automatic newsletter.

You keep adding completed projects to your website, and it’s sent out to newsletter subscribers automatically.

We add a signup box to your website where website visitors can easily sign up for your newsletter.

Search engine marketing

Google is a great source of traffic if your website works as it should.

Here are some of the searches people perform when they’re looking for a handyman:

  • handyman near me
  • handyman near me now
  • handyman near me cheap
  • handyman near me prices
  • handyman near me reviews

Those are just some searches, and you could be featuring for them.

All you need to do is ensure your website is optimized, and you keep adding your completed work to it, as well as reviews from happy clients.

If you don’t know how to do it or simply don’t want to, no problem. Our content marketing services will get your website climbing the search engine rankings for all the searches that matter most to you.


A handyman with a Gmail account won’t be frowned upon. Customer service and good work far outweigh something like an email address.

But if you like, you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.


How many people visit your website every week?

Which pages do they visit?

What services are they looking for?

These questions are all answered by Google Analytics and Google Search Console, both of which form part of your marketing package.

You also get a weekly report emailed to you every week. It shares analytics data in an easy-to-understand format, so you can keep an eye on what’s important.

Your website also comes with a search box that records what people search for when they use it.

Say for instance you’ve been pushing your tiling service, but you notice people searching for a painter, you can use this information to start pushing a service that’s in line with what the market desires.

Mobile friendly

Your handyman website will look great on any size screen.

Here’s why it’s important…

If someone uses their phone to google a handyman in their area and your website comes up, and they click on your link, you don’t want them to arrive at a website that doesn’t look good on a small screen.

You’ll be forcing that person to pinch and zoom to see essential details like your phone number or email address, or the services you offer.

That’s why it’s critical to have a website that works on mobile, tablet, and desktop.


You’re getting everything you need to make your handyman service shine online.

It covers plenty of bases, and forms the basis for serious interest.

This sort of marketing does not come cheap.


If you advertise your services on Facebook, some people may notice and contact you.

If you advertise your services in the local booklet, newspaper, or magazine you’ll also get exposure and people will reach out to you.

But if you get a marketing package from us, you can target more people from a single place and make yourself look like the professional handyman you are.

Book a consultation and let’s get to work increasing your leads, so you can add more clients to your portfolio.

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