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It gives you great joy to see people enroll in your school to learn a trade that’s indispensable to modern life.

It thrills you to see those people excel with your help and receive their certification. You know when they leave your school they’re ready for the workplace, and that they’ll be a valuable contribution to their future employers (or employees).

But how can you get more students to enroll at your school?

Are you missing out on students?

You might be posting educational tidbits and classroom memes to a professional Facebook page, and people might be loving it. They’re always liking and sharing your stuff with the world.

Perhaps you post information about your computer courses too. Whenever you have a new course, you share a post about it to Facebook.

And it’s working.

You get people contacting you for more details about your IT courses.

You might even have a website, but like Norton Commander it’s a long-forgotten thing you hardly think about anymore, much less update.

Perhaps you should consider getting a good website.

What can you do with a website?

You must add contact details, of course. You want prospects to easily get hold of you.

Furthermore, you might want to add a map of your location to make it easy for first-time visitors to get to your school without a hassle.

You should add an about page too, with some information about you and your staff, as well as your pedigree, so people know they’re dealing with professionals, not kooks.

But the real kicker of a good website is that, if set up correctly, you can use it as a marketing powerhouse.

Whereas everybody seems focused on social media, a great website can outshine social media by far. In other words, where a Facebook post has a lifespan of about five hours, a good blog post can draw traffic for years to come.

You could share curriculum information on your website. You could also share news about students who’ve excelled at your school. Perhaps you could include an alumni section to highlight the successes of students who graduated from your school.

The more valuable, relevant content you add to your site, the more traffic you’ll drive.

Email marketing

Email is a phenomenal channel for marketing your computer school, despite the hatred many people have for the platform.

It shows commitment if someone opts to receive your news via email. Juxtapose that with how easy it is to like or share something on social media, and how it doesn’t require commitment, and you’ll realize how powerful email is.

If you want someone’s undivided attention, get them to open one of your emails.

With one of our websites, you won’t have to create email newsletters manually.

All you do is keep adding content to your website.

Every time you do, it sends out a professional email with your article’s main image and a link to the piece of news.

That way, you’re forcing people to visit your website.

We create an email newsletter for you and set up a signup box on your website where your website visitors can add their names and email addresses. This automatically adds them to your newsletter.

When you share a new blog post on your site, those who’ve signed up receive an email. Simple and automatic.

Search engine marketing

Google is one of the best sources of website traffic in the world.

Here are some of the searches performed in the computer school niche:

  • computer courses near me
  • computer literacy course fees
  • basic computer course fees
  • computer courses prices
  • short computer courses
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  • it computer courses
  • network admin courses
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  • it networking courses
  • how to become a network administrator without a degree
  • networking courses dallas

You’ll notice words like “free” in there.

You’ll also notice people search for how to become a network admin without a degree.

That’s worth traffic gold.

You could be writing articles on your website explaining why a free course is not a good fit for anyone serious about getting a good job.

You could even create a free course and use your website to hook students, and then get them to sign up for one of your premium computer courses.

Or you could write a series of articles explaining why you’re the right computer training institute to help further someone’s career.

The possibilities are nearly endless.


A computer school with a Yahoo or Gmail address doesn’t look professional.

With our web design package, you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.


Your computer school website comes with Google Analytics installed, which means you can always check what’s happening on your website, who’s visiting it and where they’re from.

You also get a weekly report showing you those details at a glance.

But we also install a search box on your website that records what people search for when they use it.

It’s a fantastic way to see what people expect to learn about your school, and it’s a great way to align your company to the needs of the market.

For instance, if you’re pushing an Excel course really hard, but people arriving at your website search for network training, you might consider adding that to your curriculum.

Mobile friendly

Your computer school’s website will look great on any size screen.

You want website visitors to see your offers clearly and then make contact to book their spot, not squint and pinch and zoom and curse.


You’re getting everything you need to get your computer school to the next level.

This package comes with a big price tag. If the return is worth it, you won’t feel it, though.


You can advertise your computer school on Facebook and other social media platforms. You’ll get students to enroll.

Furthermore, you might even have a website for your computer school that brings in the odd enrollment.

But if you get our marketing package, you’ll have a platform from which to market to three channels from a single point.

That means you’ll get more queries for your courses, which should translate to more students.

Book a consultation today and see how you can start hooking more students!

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