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You’re one of the most important links in the chain between farmers and the general population.

If not for you, farmers won’t be able to grow their produce and the general population will see a decline in food supply, which many of them don’t know does not come from a supermarket.

So, how do you draw the attention of more farmers to do business with you?

Are you missing out on clients?

Is your business focusing heavily on social media marketing?

Perhaps you’ve been convinced that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are the future and therefore require all the resources you can muster.

You post your products to your Facebook page regularly, and you keep an eye on likes and shares like an Iowa farmer eyeing the horizon for rain.

And you get your likes and shares. Some of your content is regularly shared and people comment on it and ask about it.

You’re happy. It seems your social media marketing efforts are bearing fruit.

Perhaps you also have a website for your agricultural business.

But it’s not really useful. It sits there with your contact details, maybe a map of your location and a welcome message.

But you’ve never considered using it for marketing.

What if you could have a website that acts as the central hub for your marketing efforts and allows you to connect with three channels without extra effort?

What can you do with a website?

An agricultural business website should contain the obvious information like contact details. If you have many branches throughout your state, or the US, you should have contact details for all branches on your website.

Your website should contain an about page with your company’s proud heritage as well as current leadership.

But with a great agricultural website, you can do so much more.

If you set up your website correctly, you can market to farmers in different areas of specialization.

You can target grain farmers, dairy farmers, livestock farmers, wine farmers, sugar cane farmers; any farmer who requires your products and services.

The beauty of having a great website is that you can shape the message to your recipient.

You want to avoid selling the Fendt 1000 Vario (a monster of a tractor!) to a one-man sheep farmer. Your targeting would be completely off, and you won’t make a single sale.

But if you set up your website correctly, you can send the right message to the right farmer at the right time.

What’s more, if you use your website correctly you’ll receive traffic for years to come, whereas if you focus solely on social media like Facebook, your marketing will disappear like a drop of water in the Mojave.

Email marketing

There’s hardly a better way to reach farmers than through email.

That’s because farmers mostly go onto Facebook to relax.

Facebook is like a pub. People go there to laugh at memes and moan along with others about the current political situation and how bad the president is.

It’s not the ideal place to interrupt people with a sales pitch.

But if a farmer gives you their email address, they’re committing to hear from you whenever you have something worthy to say.

They’d like to be informed when you add a new tractor to your lineup or when you stock a new type of seed.

We create an email newsletter that’s plugged into your website, then add a signup form to your website to make it easy for website visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

Their details are immediately added to your newsletter system and when you add new content to the website it’s shared with them.

Of course, it needs to be legal, so they’re welcome to unsubscribe from your newsletter whenever they wish.

Search engine marketing

Google is a fantastic source of website traffic.

Here are some of the searches farmers perform in the agricultural niche:

  • buy tractor texas
  • tractors for sale in texas
  • tractors for sale at low prices
  • new tractor price list in dallas
  • kubota tractor for sale
  • buy maize seeds
  • where can i buy maize seeds
  • white maize seeds price
  • grain depot
  • irrigation solutions for farming
  • drip irrigation cost per acre
  • drip irrigation kit for 1 acre
  • drip irrigation system
  • irrigation systems

Those are just some searches. There are myriads more.

You might think, “what have we to do with Kubota tractors?”

But don’t miss the opportunity for traffic in these search terms.

You don’t have to sell Kubota tractors to speak of Kubota.

In fact, you could write a series of articles about the pitfalls of buying a tractor that’s not up to spec.

If you do it well, you’ll draw valuable traffic to your website and set yourself up as someone who cares for farmers.

And if you balk at the idea of creating content because you consider it a daunting task, get us to do it for you.

We’ll help you create an expert content strategy aimed at the different markets within your niche, and add content to your website according to the strategy.

This ensures your content will not only look professional, but follow a logical structure designed to inform the right people at the right time.

And it’ll impress Google too, who will reward your effort with better rankings.


An agricultural business using Yahoo or Gmail email accounts looks like a farmer trying to harvest using a bicycle. It’s just not professional.

With our web design package, you can set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.


How do you know what website visitors do on your site, and which searches brought them there?

Your agricultural website comes with Google Analytics, which lets you see these important metrics.

You receive a weekly report shining some light on your metrics.

Your website also contains a search function that records what people who use it search for.

It’s a great way to stay abreast of market expectations.

In other words, if you’re focusing your marketing on trying to move more new tractors, but you notice an uptick in farmers searching for secondhand tractors or tractor tires, you could adjust your marketing strategy to align with the market.

Mobile friendly

Your agricultural website will look great on any size screen.

You want to avoid frustrating farmers by forcing them to pinch and zoom to see your content.


You’re getting a serious marketing package here, not some off-the-shelf website built by a fly-by-night designer.

You can expect to pay a premium.


You could keep using ephemeral social media marketing tactics to sell more agricultural goods. You’ll get your sales.

Likewise, you might even be happy with a static website that sits there and doesn’t do much besides look pretty.

Or you could opt for a marketing package that helps you reach more people from a single point.

Book a consultation to see how we can help your agricultural business grow by putting intelligent online marketing in place.

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