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This online marketing package will help ad agencies draw more attention so they can do what they're supposed to: sell.
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We sell or else.
– David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy nailed it when he said the following about some ad agencies: “they worship at the altar of creativity, which really means originality, the most dangerous word in the lexicon of advertising.”

(I highly recommend his book, Ogilvy on Advertising.)

It’s as though companies create ads to impress other ad companies and creatives, instead of selling the product.

But you’re smart. You know you must sell. If you happen to impress on the way to a sale, it’s a bonus; a nice-to-have. But the essential is getting people to part with their money.

So, how do you get more clients to sell to “or else”?

Are you missing out on clients?

Maybe you’re a social media freak. You love posting your services, interspersed with advertising memes, to your personal Facebook page or a business page.

Perhaps you share creative stuff to Instagram. Or perhaps you prefer a more sensible approach to image marketing and go with Pinterest.

Might be you have a website for your ad agency. But like a worn out copy of Scientific Advertising it just sits there, not really used anymore (sadly).

Perhaps it’s time you get a website that slots in with the “we sell or else” method.

What can you do with a website?

The first thing is to get people to make contact. You want your site to be a lead generator.

So, you’ll have your contact details readily available on the site.

You might want to add a map of your location too, if you have a studio or office people can visit.

But if you want to set yourself apart as an ad agency with the most, you can use your website as a showcase.

I’m not talking portfolio showcase—that’s a given; you must share your work with the masses. I’m talking, showcasing your expertise.

You can do that by constantly adding content related to your niche that proves you’re a pro in the field of advertising.

If you share your knowledge and keep building out your website, people will see you as an expert and trust you. And if you can win their trust, you’ll win their loyalty.

Email marketing

Email is a powerful medium.

You know that the best clients are your current clients, since you have a good rapport with them.

So, it makes sense to have them in your email list.

But it takes an enormous amount of time to create an email newsletter, and it doesn’t have much of a lifespan.

With our email marketing option, we add a sign-up function to your website, to which website visitors can add their names and email addresses.

It’s an automatic newsletter, so all you need to keep doing is add great content to your blog or portfolio. Whenever you do, a beautiful email goes out with a link back to your content.

It’s a great way to drive people to your website, where you can get them to take an action of your choice.

Search engine marketing

Google is an immense source of quality traffic.

Here are some searches people perform to find ad agencies:

  • ad agency near me
  • local advertising agencies near me
  • advertising agencies in dallas
  • marketing and advertising companies near me
  • advertising agencies in el paso
  • tv advertising agencies in fort worth
  • advertising agencies in dallas
  • marketing and advertising agencies near me
  • top 10 advertising agencies in dallas
  • print ad agency
  • free ad maker
  • free video ad maker
  • free ad templates
  • newspaper ad maker
  • advertisement maker app
  • free commercial maker
  • free video ad maker without watermark
  • how to make an advertisement video
  • facebook video ad creator

Are you featuring for any of those?

Do you see the opportunity for traffic in those search phrases?

If part of your agency’s portfolio is making professional business videos, you can hammer on why a free video ad maker is the worst thing a business owner could desire.

That same business owner wouldn’t dare walk into a restaurant, stroll into the kitchen and start making his own dish. (Unless, of course, he owns the restaurant. But you get the point.) Why would he think it is a good idea to make his own video ads?

If you’re a Facebook ad expert, you can create article after article about why you’re the preferred Facebook advertiser for businesses around South Africa.

Don’t do TV ads? Doesn’t matter. You can still write about TV ads and draw attention to those advertising services you do offer.

Not in Dallas? Does it really matter?

The point is, if you write like a pro about these topics, you’ll start competing in Google for those searches, and you’ll look like the expert you are.


An ad agency using Gmail or Yahoo email accounts either looks super unprofessional or totally rebellious.

With our web design package, you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.


Your ad agency site comes with Google Analytics installed.

You’re always welcome to access those analytics whenever you wish.

You also receive a weekly report once a week that shows which searches brought people to your site from where, and which advertising services they were looking for.

Your website also comes with a search box that records what people search for when they use it.

It’s a brilliant way to see if your ad agency is market oriented. If it’s not, consider adjusting your online marketing strategies to align with what the market wants.

Mobile friendly

Of course, your ad agency website will look great on mobile too.

The last thing you want is for people visiting your site to squint to make out what you’re trying to tell them.

Your message is too important to have it obscured by a usability issue.


This ad agency marketing package comes with everything your ad agency needs to climb the online ladder.

Therefore, it comes at a cost. Expect to pay a premium.


You might be posting to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media platforms and finding clients on there.

You might even have a dusty old website that brings in an inquiry occasionally.

But if you get us to build and host you a website and handle your marketing, you’ll have a phenomenal space from where you can reach more people with your advertising genius.

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