VGK Outdoor

VGK Outdoor is a supplier of outdoor and adventure equipment situated in Parow, Cape Town.

The company website was built using WordPress and WooCommerce.

I took over hosting for the website and gave the site’s look an overhaul.

The manager of the business previously used plugins to manage some product taxonomies like brands. It’s unnecessary…

WordPress’ (and WooCommerce’s) built-in categories and tags work perfectly fine and allow you to create powerful information structures that make it easy to present your products / services in a palatable way website visitors.

Since the new site went live I’ve noticed a considerable amount of searching being done on the site using the header search box. The site is set up to record what people search for, making it easy for the management of VGK Outdoor to see what the market wants from them.

The site’s Google ranking should see a lekker boost with the new design and better content structure.

Take a look at VGK Outdoor for more info.