The Co-op

I remember, as a young boy, visiting The Co-op with my dad.

He was a farmer before the crime South Africa is now famous for started crushing our country. And so we’d often make our way to The Co-op to buy goods for the farm, be it feed, diesel or whatever else.

I never realised how big the company was though.

In fact, one of the things that most intrigued me all those years ago was the name. We only knew it as Die Humansdorpse Koöperasie, but it was located in Uitenhage. I could never understand why the name of a company situated in Uitenhage would contain the name of a different town.

Only later did I realise that The Co-op’s name was actually a misnomer, since it operates in many locations across South Africa and has an enormous annual turnover.

When the opportunity arose to assist them in bettering their online presence, it was tinged with a smidgeon of nostalgia.

It’s a colossal honour, firstly, to be associated with a company like The Co-op. It’s not every day an insignificant business gets an opportunity to service such a magnificent company.

But it’s more than that. Working with them takes me back to my early childhood and memories of walking into Die Humansdorp Koöp in Uitenhage alongside my father.

And that’s special.

But why did they need a new website?

There were a number of issues with their old site…

It wasn’t mobile friendly. This had an impact on their mobile search engine rankings, which was evident from their position in Google’s mobile search pages.

One of their affiliate businesses was outranking them for their own name. That’s because the affiliate business’ website is mobile friendly.

Their old site was also difficult to maintain since it didn’t have an admin panel and lacked a content management system.

With my help all of these issues are now something of the past.

The whole system is set up to make it easy for them to keep their clients informed with company news as well as product specials.

And they can update most elements of the site all by themselves. I only need to jump in if they need technical assistance.

The next step for The Co-op would probably be full ecommerce. I hope to be there to assist.

Visit The Co-op website for more info on the products and services the company offers.