Samurai Tactical

I was yet again blessed to build a website for someone who sells tactical equipment.

South Africa, being in a tumultuous climate driven by unscrupulous media and an increasing need for men in power to grab more, is the perfect place for people who sell self-defence gear.

When the owner of Samurai Tactical asked me for a quote, I arranged a meeting to determine their needs, after which I provided them with a quote including my “fauxmerce” solution; an online shopping cart solution without the steep checkout system costs.

Since my “fauxmerce” solution is doing exceptionally well for some of my other clients, it’s only natural to start off Samurai Tactical with a similar setup.

I added Woocommerce to Samurai Tactical’s website and added four products for them to start off with.

If they want to hit the top of Google consistently, the next step would be to add articles related to their niche regularly.

They’ve got a great solution that should bring them many phone calls, WhatsApps and emails.

Of course, a website with analytics is useless, so I installed Google Analytics and set up a weekly email report so they can see where traffic’s coming from and what people are doing on their website.

Take a look at Samurai Tactical to see their products.