Salt Properties

It took a while to convince Salt Properties that a website would be an excellent channel for marketing their properties, but when they came on board they fell hard for the idea.

And they couldn’t be happier!

As with most real estate companies, Salt Properties wanted a website where they could showcase their latest properties for the world to see.

They were already using a foremost South African property platform to showcase their properties, but they realised that it would be a good idea, in the long run, to build their own online profile, not another company’s.

And so I set to work alongside one of the Salt Properties ladies to conjure not only a website that looks great, but offers them enough functionality to make a big impact in search engines (SEO).

They also opted for an advanced search function to assist website visitors in quickly drilling down to properties in specific regions, as well as sort by price.

It’s a pleasure to get another real estate agent onboard. I look forward to seeing how I can help them grow their real estate company.

Click here to visit the Salt Properties website.