Rudcor Engineering

Rudcor Engineering, a civil engineering firm in Port Elizabeth, approached me for a new website.

They had a domain name and were using it extensively for their emails, but the website itself consisted of a splash page with the typical “under construction” message.

They had a new website in the works but it was never launched.

I used the not-yet-launched design and worked from there, expanding on the design, tweaking typography and design elements to look good on desktop and mobile.

I also added calls-to-action in strategic places. Nothing fancy, just some “Get a quote” buttons to help push site visitors into taking action.

The website they had in the works was a one pager, but I added more pages. Or more accurately, I split the single page into a number of pages.

Usually, engineering firms don’t share news in a blog type format, but since it forms part of my package I set up their blog with a free newsletter.

So even if they don’t share news regularly it still gives them a platform to post to. In fact, they could even use it to advertise company vacancies.

But Rudcor wants to expand from civil engineering into other disciplines, so it would make sense for them to run targeted online marketing campaigns in future.

For instance, they could target homeowners with a driveway paving service.

But in the meantime they can share posts about projects they’re working on.

Not necessarily long posts, just picture updates of a dam they’re building or a road they’re working on.

They could do this with the official WordPress app.

For instance, one of Rudcor’s managers can install the WordPress app on his phone. Then, when he’s at a job site he can take a photo or two and create a quick news update.


But how will their optimised website help with targeted marketing campaigns in future? (Apart from being the base the campaign pages are built on.)

It’ll give their marketing campaigns more credibility, that’s how.

Here’s a company that’s been around since 1984. They need to show the world they’re not a fly-by-night firm.

One way of doing that is by investing in a superb website.

That’s what Rudcor did.

Take a look at to see all their services.